Your Monthly Numero-Tarot

Parsi Times brings you Dr. Jasvi’s monthly column on her unique Numero-Tarot Readings, based on your birth month.

January (Lucky Number- 6; Lucky Tarot Card- Lovers): Good health is indicated, however, you could feel low at times. Speak openly and freely with your loved ones.

February (Lucky Number- 8; Lucky Tarot Card- Strength): You may find yourself stuck in uncomfortable situations. Be confident and have faith in yourself. Pray regularly and try to meditate.

March (Lucky Number-21; Lucky Tarot Card -World): You may find it difficult to confront your loved ones but do not forget to do what is right. Travel is indicated.  You could shift into a new house or office.

April (Lucky Number-3; Lucky Tarot Card- Empress): Be happy and thankful for what you have, instead of wishing for things you do not have. This a good time for you to start a new partnership. This is a good time is indicated for women born in April. Celebrate your womanhood.

May (Lucky Number-2; Lucky Tarot Card- High Priestess): You could feel low due to certain hardships or unfavourable circumstances. Do not forget to spend quality `family time’ to emotionally rejuvenate yourself. This is a good time for students.

June (Lucky Number- 11; Lucky Tarot Card- Justice): This is the best time for any renovations or repairs for your house. Legal matters will be resolved. There is a probability of a change in business. Travel abroad is indicated.

July (Lucky Number- 1; Lucky Tarot Card- Magician): You need to trust you intuition. You will be able to face any situation with confidence. Wear pearls to clear any confusions.

August (Lucky Number-17; Lucky Tarot Card- Star): You will excel at balancing various acts. Victory is indicated. This is a good time for getting married.

September (Lucky Number- 19; Lucky Tarot Card- Sun): You have an excellent week ahead. You will be happy and at peace. Enjoy with your loved ones.

October (Lucky Number- 4; Lucky Tarot Card- Emperor): You could get frustrated and stressed out due to work pressure. Try to ignore those things that disturb your inner peace.

November (Lucky Number- 5; Lucky Tarot Card- Hierophant): Healing has started for those who are not well. A happy time is indicated ahead. Learn to shoulder your responsibilities instead of running away from them.

December (Lucky Number- 10; Lucky Tarot Card- Wheel Of Fortune): There will be a new beginning or a fresh start for you, soon! Clear all your confusions and learn to live one day at a time. Bathe with rock salt to clean your aura.

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