145th Salgreh Celebrations Of Sodawaterwalla Agiary

The 145th Salgreh of the Jamshedji Dadabhoy Amaria (Sodawaterwalla) Agiary at Marine Lines was celebrated with a jasan performed by Panthaky, Er. Pervez Karanjia and Er. Kayomarz Kerawalla on 4th September, 2018. Attended by Trustees of the agiary, Anahita Desai and Aspi Sarkari, the function continued with a religious talk by Er. Karanjia on the importance of prayers. Beginning with the importance of praying the Farvardin Yasht and Satum No Kardo on Farvardin Mahino, Farvardin Roj for our departed souls either at Doongerwadi or at home, Er. Karanjia stressed on sincere and meaningful recitation of prayer. Mentioning specific prayers, he emphasised that praying the Hoshbam before dawn or the Siroja Yasht during the day, helps us to evoke the blessings of the 33 Yazads and Ameshaspands (Farishtas) to lead a healthy successful life.

Adding that the Kusti ritual and recitation of 101 names, praying the ‘Aa Airyamanem Ishyo Rafedharai’ liturgy from the 5th chapter of the Yajashne daily, ensures a package of success, wellness, prosperity and grasping power. By praying the Yatuji Zarathushtra passage from the Moti Haptan Yasht creates positivity in even malefic planets and undoes any potential negativities. Most of the prayers mentioned above can even be found in books of short Nirangs.

Er. Karanjia said that the Gathas could be prayed during the Gathas as well as on other days too. He said that the Ahunavad Gatha helps our soul evolve, and concluded stating that our daily prayers are most vital to keep us on the path of Humata, Hukhta Hvarashta, and to neutralize stress and health problems.


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