Dr. Mickey Mehta Presents

‘Go Green Wellness Treats,
To Connect With
7 Billion Heart Beats’!!!


Celebrating his 50-something Birthday, our 30-something-looking health guru, India’s Wellness Maestro, Dr. Mickey Mehta, shares his Ten Commandments:

  1. Mickey Mehta’s initiative for a Disease-Free world.
  2. Mickey Mehta’s Wellness Revolution for Human Evolution
  3. Mickey Mehta says: ‘Let wellness be the Religion No. 1’
  4. Mickey Mehta says: ‘Medicine Cures, Nature heals!’
  5. Mickey Mehta says: ‘Sleep every night with a wish to heal yourself, wake up every morning with a promise to heal the world!’
  6. Mickey Mehta says: ‘If you want strong biceps, uplift the poor!’
  7. Mickey Mehta says: ‘If you want strong shoulders, take the responsibility of the underprivileged!’
  8. Mickey Mehta says: ‘If you want strong legs, be rooted in humility to be better fruited in life!’
  9. Mickey Mehta says: ‘If you want strong eyes, have a collective vision of peace, prosperity, and plenty for this universe. Harmony, Order and Balance!’
  10. Get Naturalized, get Energized, get Optimized, get Maximized… Get Mickeymized!!!

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