Excerpts from ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ : Jamshid-i-Nauruz

To Boundless Time, O Ahura Mazda, is born a babe this day. The earth has run her yearly round and the sun enters the vernal equinox with majestic grandeur. Jamshid of Kingly Glory was first among mankind to celebrate this, the festal day of the spring, amid universal thanksgiving and feasting and rejoicing, and named it Nauruz or the New Year’s Day.

We bow our heads in thankfulness to Thee that this national festival of the Golden Age of Iran has survived the ravages of time and remains to this day as an undying memorial to the great and glorious king. Nature showers her bounteous gifts all around and hails this auspicious day. The earth wears the green of spring-time and glories in regaining her youthful beauty. New life is buzzing everywhere and everything is throbbing with budding life. The hedges and groves resound with the ravishing and sweet melodies of a myriad winged inhabitants of the air, who wish all sentient creatures nature’s Happy New Year.

Health and happiness such as mankind had never known abounded in the glorious reign of the renowned king and old age and death, they say, were unknown in the land. Thou alone, O Ever-living Lord, dost not age and dost not die. All that are born do blossom and bloom, but to wither and fade like leaves of the tree. Vouchsafe, in Thy mercy, that untimely old age and untimely death may not overtake us. May the budding season bring for us soundness of body and vigour of mind, may the mellow rays of the new sun quicken our hearts, and may the vernal beacon-light lead our souls on the path of the new life that opens with Jamshid-i-Nauruz!



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