From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Unity, Youth and You


Dear Readers,

Across all communities, and especially in a minority community like ours, there are three crucial criteria that determine its prosperity, growth and longevity. The first criterion is ‘Unity’ – the very core of every community – the ability of its people to stay as one, with a common vision, endeavouring to work towards the best interests of the community, and always speaking in one voice – not just during crises.

The second criterion, that ensures a Community’s successfully taking on future challenges, is its ‘Youth’. The energy that the youth brings to the table is matchlessly empowering. But for that, the youth need to show or grow an interest in the affairs and wellbeing of the Community – they need to feel a sense of belonging, loyalty and responsibility. This, to a large extent, depends on their upbringing.

The third, and possibly the most crucial criterion, is ‘You’ – the individual, because it is the individual, who, in plurality, will form the community in the first place; It is the individual, who will establish and complete the sustenance and reinforcement of a community’s ‘Unity’; And, it is the individual who will both – be responsible for bringing up the new generation, the ‘Youth’, as also comprise the ‘Youth’ itself.

All three criteria – Unity, Youth and You – need to be nurtured and work in unison to deliver desired results. A fractured Unity, an indifferent Youth and a negligent You will gnaw at the very soul of a community and leave it riddled with uncertainties and insecurities. Just as our community is riddled with uncertainties today – not sure of what the future holds, in matters pertaining to aspects as integral as religious sanctity (currently doing the rounds); or worse, its very survival. An indication about the latter can be gleaned with the change in the question asked by most, from “Will the Parsi Community get extinct?” to “When will the Parsi Community get extinct?”, adding to the deadly uncertainty about the very existence of our glorious community.

They say that the best way to predict the future is to create it. Unfortunately, the only ones benefitting off (nee misusing) this phrase, are quack astrologers! Had we been more prepared for the future and worked towards creating a stronger, united front as a Community which has its youth at the forefront rooting for it, we would perhaps have been in a better place today. But this is what happens, when instead of having our ducks in a row, we choose to simply have rows with each other.

It has, however, been heartening, over the past few months, to see our Community put its differences aside and unite to fight against the current crisis which threatens the religious and structural sanctity of two of our most sacred places of worship – our Atash Behrams. We need to ensure that this spirit of Unity becomes a permanent aspect as opposed to being relegated to making guest appearances during crises. And we need to fortify it with greater Youth interest and participation. And both these requirements depend on You!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita


Anahita Subedar

Editor at Parsi Times

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