NCPA’s ‘International Jazz Festival ’18’ Beckons!

Much to the joy of Jazz enthusiasts, NCPA’s International Jazz Festival is back, from the 23rd to 25th of November, 2018.

On Friday, 23rd November at 6:30pm, the first band that will open the NCPA International Jazz Festival 2018 is the Latin band, ‘Los Gatos, Ay Mamá’, which encompasses six people including a Cuban percussionist, a bongo player from Panama and a pianist from Kolkata Pradyumna Singh Manot. Jazz pianist Manot is one of the finest in India. For the first time we will get to hear a band of this caliber in Mumbai. A rousing opening to this festival with a Latin band featuring Cuban percussionist Miguelo Valdez, Pradyumna Singh Manot on piano and Aditi Malhotra on vocals.

The second act of the opening day is ‘Bungalow’ (at 8:00 pm), featuring Australia’s best saxophone player, Mike Rivett. He will be backed by a rhythm section piano, bass and drums. These set of musicians originate from Tokyo, Japan. It will be a first class rhythm section with Mike Rivett playing traditional straight ahead jazz, backed Japanese piano maestro Koichi Sato with Ko Omura on drums and Kosuke Ochiai on bass.

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