WINGS’18 Set To Soar High In November!


As the countdown to November 8, 2018 begins for WINGS’18, our community’s premier ‘All Parsi Sports and Cultural Event’ to kick off, Media Partner Parsi Times shares fun information about the past, and provides a thrilling heads up about what you can expect for this oncoming 4-day extravaganza!

In association with the Sir Ness Wadia Memorial Pavilion, Wings’18 will comprise 15 different mesmerizing and fun events across 4 days, at the Rustom Baug Grounds. The Flagship event, Bawa’s Got Talent with Parsi Times as the Title Partner, will be held on the 11th November, 7:00 pm onwards. Hosted by the lively Hormuz Ragina, the finale will boast of the community’s most talented performers competing on a single platform. This year, get ready for unique performances never been seen before, including show jumpers, mind readers, flame artists, opera singers and gymnasts!
In case you missed the Community’s best event over the past two years, here’s a brief peek into our Past Winners…

In its first year (2016), Delraaz Bunshah won the third prize for her singing. Soon after, she went on to qualify for the National Level Reality Singing Contest – ‘The Stage’. She is now part of the leading cast of the International Musical – ‘Sing India Sing’. The second prize was won by Rayomand Irani who pulled off a breath taking imitation of the Bollywood great – Nana Patekar.

In 2017, the quality of talent got even better with the third prize awarded to singer Johaan Irani, who is making his mark in Bollywood, and performs across the country, at key festivals like the Kala Ghoda Festival and at the NCPA. The runner-up act went to Roshni Jamadar, an aerialist who left the audience amazed with her elegance and style, as she carried out an unconventional aerial dance, hanging from the central tree of Rustom Baug!
The Winner, for the last two years, has been a national level Bboy, who is one of the tops 10 at his style in the country. His effortless moves and unreal flips are only a glimpse of the magic he produces. To be able to defend a title in a competition with a competitive format like this is extremely difficult, but Vishtasp Kothawala, who goes by the name of Pogo, has managed to accomplish this with ease!

And now, back to the future…. this year’s Talent Contest on November 11 has an even more exciting line up of talent, with acts that will leave you mesmerized…

Arish Bhiwandiwala, (childhood version of ‘Hrithik Roshan’ in Agneepath), a talented singer who qualified and reached the top 3 of the popular national TV show – ‘The Stage’

85-year-old Gymnast, Adi Mehta serves as an inspiration for the entire community! Just to watch him Roman Rings and other unconventional acts boasting of the kind of body strength, balance and determination that would put those half his age to shame!

WINGS’18 adds the fabulously talented Opera singer, Farah Ghadialy to its list of unique Parsi Talent. Winner of ‘The All India Western Classical Vocal Competition’, Farah works with the ‘Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance’, and has performed globally!

Professional Flame Artist, Ami Shroff, undoubtedly qualifies as one of our most unique acts. The head bartender at London Taxi, Ami plays with fire and bottles like they’re fidget spinners! Her entrancing videos get great following on YouTube and her breathtaking skill has already made her one of the biggest names in the bartending community!

Professional rapper Rae Mulla’s ability to freestyle impromptu will amaze you! One of India’s finest rappers, Rae released his first track at 16, and has thousands of hits across social media platforms.

Dancer and choreographer extraordinaire, Burzin Engineer, who initiated his own dance cum work out workshop called ‘Dance Out’, will exhibit his passion for dance and bring you to your feet!

Roshani Jamadar, who displays her mastery of aerial dance will be back this year to contest for the title, with a whole new set of performances which she hopes will get her the Gold!

Show Jumper Yashaan Khambatta has represented India at the Asian Games and will perform in a special outdoors set to perform one of the most unique acts of this contest.

Professional Ballerina, Urviz, who won second place at the ‘Bombay Times Fresh Face Challenge’, will light up the stage with her grace and elegance.

Professional Singers Zyra Nargolwala, one of the youngest performers with the voice of an angel, and Pourush Irani, winner and judge of numerous talent and personality contests across Mumbai, promise to be a great addition to the brimming list of our super-talented participants!

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