NCPA’s International Jazz Festival ’18 [November 23rd-25th]

As Jazz enthusiasts keenly await the opening of NCPA’s International Jazz Festival, from the 23rd to 25th of November, 2018, Parsi Times is delighted to continue sharing its daily itinerary…

On Day 3, Sunday, 25th Nov, 2018, the band from New York, ‘MND Flo’ will open the festival, performing at 5:00pm. Day 3 will be very special as, as for the very first time at the NCPA International Jazz Festival, three separate sessions, with two intermissions, will be held. MIND Flo comprises the 7-footer Frenchman, Vibraphone player, Simon Moullier. This band has also been endorsed by the Berkeley School of Music, known for its well-trained Jazz Musicians. With two Canadians backing the band, MIND Flo is sure to give you an interesting time, with Simon Moullier on vibraphone, Sharik Hasan on piano, Anthony Toth on drums and Alexander Toth on bass.

 The second set of the final day of the Jazz Fest, will create history, featuring the Clifford Brown Legacy Band playing at 6:30pm. For those of you who may or may not have heard about this, Clifford Brown was among three or four best jazz trumpet player ever along with Louis Armstrong, Bizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. NCPA is honouring the great music of Clifford Brown and his son Clifford Brown Jr., and will bring a band to the NCPA International Jazz Festival where Clifford Brown III is the trumpet player and will play his grandfather’s music. Celebrating the trumpet wizardry of the late, great Clifford Brown, this band is brought by his grandson, Clifford Brown III and features Miles Davis’s one-time saxophone player Bennie Maupin along with Rayford Griffin on drums. This is the first tribute to Brown anywhere outside the United States.

At 8:00pm, there will be Jam Sessions starting with the LATIN JAM, – with members of the two Latin bands, Los Gatos and the Brazilian Samba Express, taking the stage for the finale. In addition to performing and improvising on a few popular Latin Jazz numbers, the face-off between the percussionists from Cuba, Brazil and Panama will be most exciting! Trumpets and saxophones from other bands will join in!

For ‘The BLUES JAM’, members of the Clifford Brown band, MIND Flo, and Ari Roland’s Quartet will combine to play a rousing finale. Three saxophones, two trumpets along with vibes, piano, bass and drums from the best at the Jazz Festival will play together in a spectacular finale to the festival.

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