SoBo’s New Cluster University To Be Named After Dr. Homi Bhabha

South Mumbai’s upcoming Cluster University is slated to be named ‘Dr. Homi Bhabha University’, after the notable alumnus of the Institute of Science, the lead college in the cluster. A formal notification is expected in a few months from the Centre.

This very first cluster university in the state will include, in addition to the Institute of Science, the Sydenham, Elphinstone and the Government B. Ed colleges, as component colleges; and could comprise nearly a hundred affiliated colleges in the future.

Vasant Helavi, Director of Institute of Science, said that the colleges currently affiliated to Mumbai University can switch to the new university, as the huge sizes of public universities in the State had resulted in difficulties in managing the administration, with disastrous consequences like affecting research, delaying exam results, and other issues. The new university would reduce the burden on Mumbai University.

Once all four colleges of the cluster university, including Sydenham and Elphinstone, cease to be part of Mumbai University and convert into an independent university, they will follow a separate admission process, curriculum, academic calendar, exam pattern, etc. drawn up by their own academic bodies. With fewer students in the new university, exam results would be announced within 15 days, allowing the students and teachers a proper vacation. Helavi also said that a double blind assessment system will be introduced, where answer papers would be assessed by two teachers and an average of the marks will be awarded to the student. In case of a huge discrepancy, it would be assessed by a third evaluator. Among other reforms, Helavi said they would introduce more practicals-based learning even for traditional arts, science and commerce courses and make internships mandatory. Starting a host of new post-graduate departments and allowing students to benefit from the specialty of the four colleges is also in the pipeline.

Students of the four colleges as well as others seeking affiliation with the Cluster University will get degrees in the name of Dr Homi Bhabha University (pending final notification) instead of Mumbai University.


Another very important aspect named after Dr Bhabha is the “Bhabha Kavack” or the Bhabha Bullet Proof jacket made ingeniously in India and much lighter than the ones being used at Present.

These have undergone trials and have been used by CAPFS particularly the CRPF in Kashmir. These soon should be making its way into the inventory of Indian Armed Forces, protecting many a lives of our Armed Forces and CAPFS personnel who make war widows daily, giving up their all for our tomorrow , only to then get brick bats from a jaundiced media and Pseudo Human Rights Organisations who even propagate the removal of AFSPA without having a clue of what it is, thus tying the hands of our Jawans even further whilst they fight with a potent enemy.

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