Appeal: Support For Gamadia Boys Hostel

The Gamadia Boys Hostel at Tardeo, Mumbai, has been providing safe haven at extremely subsidised prices, to all our young Parsi/Irani boys, especially those who come in from India’s rural and small towns, with ambitions of studying and making a successful career in Mumbai. The Gamadia Boys Hostel is one of the oldest and noblest undertakings of our Community’s forefathers, who built the hostel with the vision of empowering our youth through education, by providing them safe and subsidised lodging, while they pursue academic greatness.

The over 80-year old hostel had been in dire need of repairs, a cause which was successfully spearheaded by BPP Trustee Kersi Randeria, as a Community Project, which saw a huge positive response from our generous community members rising to the occasion and donating towards the effective restoration of the Gamadia Boy’s Hostel.

The Update So Far:

Thanks to the generosity of donors, the restoration of Gamadia Boy’s Hostel, which commenced auspiciously on Parsi New Year, 17th August, 2017, is nearly complete. Executed over three phases, only the last leg of the renovations now remains.

So far, the BPP has spent approximately Rs. 53 lakhs in Phase 1, of which donations collected from the Community amounted to Rs. 46 lakhs. The Second Phase saw the BPP spending Rs. 20 lakhs, of which Rs. 7 lakhs were received as donations so far. Therefore, a total of Rs. 20 lakhs still needs to be raised by the BPP, being the deficit of Phases 1 and 2, part of which will be used for Phase 3, which includes the revamping of the third or the last floor of the Gamadia Hostel. Phase 3 will also account for improving and providing infrastructure like washing machines, water coolers, and basic gaming facilities like Carom board, Table Tennis equipment, etc.

The refurbishing of the third floor is proposed to be earmarked for ex-students who are gainfully employed. The aim is to work towards make the Hostel financially self-sufficient, as the working ex-students could give a lumpsum annual/monthly donation to secure a place for them to live in, for a maximum period of three years after leaving the hostel.

The Community is requested once again to come forward and help reinstate this highly beneficial institution for our youth, by helping raise the deficit amount of Rs. 20 lakhs. The BPP has already committed approximately Rs. 10 lakhs from its own resources for this noble work. Donate towards saving the Gamadia Boys Hostel and become part of this philanthropic effort initiated by our community’s noble visionaries.

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