‘Restore & Beautify Doongerwadi Community Project’
Doongerwadi Needs Your Support!

Our Community’s most holy, over 300-year-old, Doongerwadi in Mumbai, is in Urgent Need of Renovation and Green Cover Restoration. Immediate Repairs are needed for the Maintenance and upkeep of our Dokhmas; Bunglies; Road Repairs and for the restoration of the Green Cover/Forest area which provides the sense of calm and healing for all.
The BPP, which maintains the Doongerwadi, invites the active participation of our generous Community members in this noble venture which aims to Restore and Beautify our Doongerwadi. This Community Project provides everyone with a rare and prodigious opportunity to give back to this beautiful institution, which has served and healed our Community members, during their most difficult times.
So, open your hearts and your purse strings and partake the opportunity to become part of the history of restoring one of our most sacred structures of all, for our current and future generations!



As per funds collected, the operations of Phase 1 will be further divided into sub-phases, giving priority to areas that need restructuring more urgently.
Community members will be updated and involved across various phases. All donations will be formally acknowledged (citations, recorded on plaques, etc.) in different areas.

Write your cheques to: Parsi Punchayet Bombay
For details, please email:

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