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Too Much Of Anything…

Dear Readers,

They say too much of anything is toxic and will destroy you. This statement holds true for most things – the foremost being our dependency on Social Media for information. Social media platforms are neither known for accuracy, nor accountability. It doesn’t take much to realise, that if our over-dependency in the information disseminated on social media leads to us being misinformed individuals, it spells absolute disaster for a Community! Misinformed individuals make for a misguided and divided Community. We need to take the effort and seek information from trusted sources and stop believing every fabricated forward on whatsapp or twisted truth on Facebook. Only then will we do justice to being Zoroastrians, worshippers of wisdom.

However, ‘too much of anything’, when applied to a sense of service, is still never too much! The one thing that we can’t do too much of, is Community service, giving of ourselves to deserving people and causes. Parsi Times is privileged to be the frontrunner to deliver Community Projects via successful Community Appeals. This issue brings you two such opportunities in the form of Appeals for the Restoration and Repair of our sacred Doongerwadi and the Gamadia Boys Hostel (Pg. 8)… and much more.

Have a good weekend!



– Anahita

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