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Happy New Year, Folks!


Dear Readers,

It’s that time again when we bid adieu to another year and prepare to renew our journey aboard a brand new orbit. One of the best things to reckon, as we flip the last page of our calendars, is the opportunity to start over yet again, to welcome 2019 as a clean slate, with enthusiasm and confidence, and to believe it will be our best year yet! What will foster and realize that belief is to head into it with a plan – great things seldom just happen… they’re a product of vision, strategy, commitment, hard work and self-motivation. It is this realization at an individual level which will collectively determine the destiny of our community.

So, will this New Year be a new chapter for you or just the same old story? Truth is, ultimately, the choice is yours. What the New Year brings to you will depend almost entirely on what you bring to the New Year. In a few days, ‘January 1’ will mark the first blank page of a 365-paged book, called ‘2019’, authored by you. Write a good one. Set your goals and pursue them with dogged determination and discipline. As the saying goes, “We have all of eternity to celebrate the victories, but only a few short hours before sunset to win them.” So, gear up to combat new challenges, scale new heights and tap into new opportunities. And ensure you have a lot of fun along the way – coz remember, the opposite of discipline is lethargy, not fun. As a Community, let’s be at war only with our vices, at peace with each other, and ensure that every New Year finds us a better version of ourselves.

In this very special New Year Issue, PT brings you inspirational, informative and most importantly, entertaining articles to get you on to a great start to the New Year. But first, I deeply thank the dynamic, gorgeous and inspiring Delnaz (who recently (December 2018) represented India and Asia as ‘Mrs. Asia Universe’ at the prestigious ‘Mrs. Universe pageant’ and won the title of ‘Mrs. Universe Brilliant Performance’) for writing a brilliant, motivational article for our New Year Special issue, and for her cherished and humbling testimonial (Pg. 12). And speaking of entertaining, we are privileged and beyond delighted (not to forget, very tickled!) to welcome our very own Comedy King, Cyrus Broacha, on board as our columnist. He (literally) kicks off a brand-new column with this issue, ‘Cyrus The (Not So) Great’, guaranteed to have you guffawing through the weekend! (Pg. 5). And a huge thank you also to all our brilliant writers, especially Noshir Dadrawala, Ruby Lilaowala, Shireen Merchant and Dara Khodaiji – who elevate our content-value to sustain us as the Community’s Numero Uno Weekly! But most of all, we thank you – our readers, in Mumbai, India and across the world, for your continued support, your time and your readership and most importantly, your feedback which motivates us week after week, and steers us towards unflinchingly delivering our promise of the Truth.

Happy New Year 2019 from Team Parsi Times. May MAKE this year truly be your Best Year Yet!!

– Anahita


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