Gamadia Boys Hostel Reunion

Thanks to the generous contributions of our donors and ex-hostelites, and the initiative spearheaded by BPP Trustee, Mr. Kersi Randeria, with support of other BPP trustees, the Gamadia Boys Hostel has been significantly revamped and will hold a REUNION for ex-hostelites to celebrate and reminisce old times at the Hostel. A Jasan will also be performed by resident Dastur Hostelites at 5:00 pm on 23rd December.

KINDLY NOTE: The Reunion is open only to ex-students of Gamadia Boys Hostel.
Dinner coupons should be bought before 21st December, 2018. For Dinner coupons, contact Khorzad at (+91)98205 34643.
For details, contact Filly at (+91) 98200 56129.

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