M F Cama Athornan Inst Holds Religious Workshop

A Young participant being felicitated Vada Dasturji Cyrus Noshirwan Dastur of Surat

The Trustees of Bai Dosibai Kotwal Parsi Boys’ Orphanage, in association with the Trustees of Soraji B. Garda College Trust Parsi Cultural Division, invited Er. Dr. Cyrus Dastoor, affiliated to the MF Cama Athornan Institute Ex-Students’ Foundation, to conduct a four-day workshop for Ervads, Ostas and Behdin Pasbaans. Conducted from 14th to 17th November, 2018, twenty participants were hosted at the Bai Dosibai Kotwal Parsi Boys’ Orphanage. The event commenced with a Jashan Ceremony, followed by the Inaugural lecture on Zarthosthi Din Ni Tarikat, Bandagio, Rivajo Ane Kriyakamo by the Key Note speaker Er. Pervez Mithaiwala. Er. Dr. Cyrus Dastoor introduced the participants and explained the concept of Behdin Pasbaans. The second day witnessed explanation of the Boi and Jashan ceremony, along with a few prayers with practical demonstration by Er. Marazban Maney. The evening sessions consisted of a lecture on ‘Bundahishn and Zoroastrian Religion’ by religious scholar, Khojeste Mistree, followed by a presentation on ‘Patet Pashemani’ by Er. Cyrus Darbari. Day three commenced with Bhantar rituals, followed by Khojeste Mistree elucidating on ‘Death Rituals and Dokhmenashini’, while mathematics expert, Minoo Jokhi highlighted various math and memory development tricks – an essential for learning the prayers by heart. The evening session comprised a presentation on ‘Significance of Farokshi Prayers’ by Er. Cyrus Darbari and concluded with informative talk by Panthaky of Karani Agiary, Er. Yezdi Aibara. The final day commenced with a visit to Pak Navsari Atash Behram and Meherji Rana Library, followed by a Bhantar test conducted by our Chief Coordinator, Ervad Pirojshah Sidhwa and ably assisted by Er. Marazban Maney. A Religious Quiz was organized, with children divided into four groups.

The Grand finale commenced with a Jashan ceremony led by Trustee of M F Cama Athornan Institute Ex-Students’ Foundation, Er. Yazdi Aibara. Er. Dr. Cyrus Dastoor introduced Chief Guest, Dasturji Cyrus Noshirwan Dastur of Surat, followed by participants singing the welcome song and Monajats which they learnt during the workshop. Er. Yezdi Aibara delivered a keynote address on ‘Life of Asho Zarathushtra Spitamaan’. The Prize Distribution was conducted by Er. Cyrus Darbari, followed by Er. Pirojshah Sidhwa delivering the vote of thanks and expressing gratitude to key sponsors, Yazdi Kasad; Dara Deboo; Er. Khurshed Desai and Er. Sorab Vajifdar; cameraman, Maneck Vakharia; singer, Viraf Daruwala and the coordinators and volunteers for making this event a grand success.

Delyaz Panthaky won first place in the Bhanter Junior Category while Sarosh Billimoria won first place in the Senior Category; Team Sassanian comprising Dr. Danesh Chinoy, Burzin Mandviwala, Jehan Behramji, Parvez Malegamwala and Yazad Fitter won the Religious Quiz and Dr. Danesh Chinoy was awarded ‘Best Overall Participant’.

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