3rd All-Zoro Arm Wrestling Competition

The 3rd All Zoroastrian Men and Women Arm Wrestling Competition was held on 15th December, 2018, at Parsee Gymkhana, Mumbai. Prepped with a podium table fitted with upholstered elbow pads and pins, the competition witnessed participants from Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Surat, Navsari and Ahmedabad. The event commenced with the weigh-in of the participants that further facilitated allotting them into 1 and 6 categories for men and women, respectively. Staying true to their tradition, the oldest participant, 88-year-old, Rumi Taraporevala started the event by cutting the ribbon, amidst a cheering crowd of 300 spectators. Conducted under the able supervision of the officials of the Maharashtra Arm Wrestling Association, the event witnessed 11-year-old, Ariana Parabia of Surat giving her competitors a good fight in the Women Open category, being felicitated with an ‘Encouragement Prize’.

The finals was chaired by Chief Guest and Captain of Indian women’s Rugby 7s and 15s team, Vahbiz Bharucha who has played 14 National and 12

International tournaments and is also the recipient of Doordarshan Sahyadri Hirkani Award 2016 and Phoenix Leading Lady Award 2017. The event concluded with a vote of thanks to the organisers, President and the committee members of Parsee Gymkhana, especially Khodadad Yazdegardi, Hoshang Katrak, Hamavan Shroff, Minoo Khan, Mehli Golvala; Hutoxi Doodhwala; Behram Irani; Rustom Jasoomoney; Vivek Chappakar; sponsors, Viraf Chiniwala of Veldon Coats; Advocate Armaity Khushrooshahi of Dunnes Institute; Khodadad Irani of WIBS Bakery and paramedic staff and the Parsi Ambulance division. 


ALL ZOROASTRIAN ARM WRESTLING RESULTS  2018 MEN JUNIORS – Under 18 years: 1st. Pashin Zaveri; 2nd. Neville Gandhi; 3rd Kayan Nazir MEN SENIORS –18 to 40 years (Under 100 KGS): 1st. Zeus Zend, 2nd. Xereus Zend, 3rd. Pashin Zaveri MEN SENIORS – 18 to 40 years (100 + KGS): 1st. Meherzad Chinoy, 2nd. Ruzbeh J. Postwala, 3rd. Cyrus Daruwala MEN MASTERS – MEN 40 TO 50 Years: 1st. Vistasp Sanjana, 2nd. Burzin Parabia, 3rd.  Firdaus Billiardmaker GRAND MASTER – MEN  50 TO 60 Years: 1st  Hosi Zaveri, 2nd.Sheriar Irani, 3rd Percy Patel SUPER CLASS – MEN 60+years: 1st. Alborz Irani, 2nd. Ardeshir Khushroshahi, 3rd.  Percy Bahmani WOMEN: 1st  Kaizin Parabia, 2nd. Dinaz Surti and Dilshad Daruwala TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP:  TEAM FORCE – Meherzad Chinoy, Percy Bahmani, Vistasp Sanjana, Cyrus SasooriNo

Photos Courtesy: Sarosh Daruwalla

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