Film Review – BOMBAIRIYA

The first sign of attempted comedy in the film comes when a local politician Pandya (Adil Hussain) is shown reading a motivational book on Donald Trump, while in jail. Names such as Ramesh Wadia and Arjun Sorabjee may be attributed to either intentional, or unintentional humour. 

Meghna (Radhika Apte) is a Public Relations officer attached to film star Karan Kapoor (Ravi Kishen). When her phone gets stolen by a guy on a two-wheeler, Pintu (Akshay Oberoi) offers to help. It’s from almost the beginning that the film threatens to unfold a shoddy screenplay, a non-linear, convoluted plot and some aimless direction – though it must be admitted, that the premise of the film (of witnesses unwilling to testify in court) held out ample scope.

Even the genres of the film seem to change tracks as the film progresses. It’s a mystery at times with encounter specialist D’mello (Amit Sial) taking instructions from the incarcerated Pandya. Siddharth Kapoor as the delivery boy manages to keep a perplexed look on his face throughout the film. Ajinkya Deo plays Police Commissioner Ramesh Wadia, while Shilpa Shukla is the politician wife of Karan Kapoor. First-time director, Pia Sukanya, who’s also co-written the screenplay, has failed to do justice to a worthy subject. If the plot is convoluted, some of the characters seem forced on the viewer. Though Radhika Apte does no harm to her reputation and the ending tries to make up for the rest of the film, it’s clearly a case of too little, too late.


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