Let Me Not Die With A Sin On My Soul, Ahura Mazda

Start your weekend with positive vibes with inspirational excerpts from the acclaimed book, ‘Homage Unto Ahura Mazda’ by Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Naserwanji Dhalla of Karachi.

Sin screens Thy fair face, Ahura Mazda, from me, as the cloud hides the sun from sight. The mists of sin veil Thy light and I grope in darkness. Sin severs me from Thee as wide as earth from heaven. Sin enthrals my soul and deadens it to Thee.

Zarathushtra taught me the way of life and counselled me to make the best use of it. In my waywardness, I have strayed and sinned. The choice was mine to make or mar my future. My prophet willed that I should so live that, master of myself in full freedom, I may breathe my last. I chose otherwise and lured and led astray on the path of wickedness, blindly and recklessly I willed and worked my doom.

Mazda, my Merciful Maker! I have done what I should have left undone. When I should have remembered Thee, I have forgotten Thee. When I should have been loyal to Thee, I have been disloyal to Thee. When I should have followed Thee, I have forsaken Thee. When I should have been like Thee, I have been unlike Thee. I have sold myself to sin. In vain do I now lap my sin at the threshold of Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit. Sin throve in the miasma of my mind. Grievously have I sinned against heaven and against Thee and sin is the death of the spirit.

Forlorn do I wander with a heavy load of sin weighing me down. Let me fly to Thy bosom to get into communion with Thee. I come to Thee, for I have nowhere else to go. Thou and Thou alone can save me, for there is none but Thee. Who but Thee can raise me and put me back on the right track. Help me to retrieve myself, before I am lost on the way that leads to woe. I look to Thee to listen to the cry of my agonized heart. In my folly did I flee from Thee and I have suffered. My life is undone. I come back chastened to Thee. I surrender myself completely and unconditionally. I commend myself to Thy care. Do with me as it pleases Thee. I approach Thee in all humility. I bow my head and sink on my knees and humble my heart. Heal me of my infirmity, scatter the gloom and darkness of sin within me. Let the penitence of my inmost heart purge my sins. Forgive in Thy mercy, whatsoever that Thou dost find amiss in me. I have suffered for my sinful past. Let the sufferings purify my mind and let my penitence cheer my heart for my hopeful future.

The fire of my sincere penitence has now consumed and burnt my sins. I have now cleansed the stains of sin from my heart and my soul. I will not transgress Thy laws. I will not fall into sin again. I will make war upon sin. Delivered from the bondage of sin, I will consecrate anew my life unto Thee.

I confessed to Thee and I prayed to Thee to pardon my sins and Thou didst forgive them. I returned to Thee as Thy prodigal son. Thou didst not turn away Thy face from me, but kinder than the kindest parent, Thou, my ever loving Lord, didst embrace me and take me back to Thee, as if I had not wronged Thee, disowned Thee. Thy peace now descends upon my spirit and Thy joy fills my heart. From this hour I am Thine, my All-Forgiving Father!


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