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Re: Editorial: BPP And OCD

Your Editorial in PT’s last issue (BPP And OCD) was totally in synch and in line with what’s happening in the BPP today. At first we used to read on whatsapp and community social media platforms, but now it has become a fashion to showcase fellow Trustees’ faults in the national media! Have our Trustees forgotten that when we point one finger at someone, three fingers point back at us!

As a Corporate HR professional, I wonder if things would work better if the responsibilities of managing the Trust functions were divided amongst specific Trustees right at the beginning of the term of the Trustees, with each department allocated to two Trustees and then vetted by an external or/and internal agency. Also, by giving out charities every month, at times, people become lazy and entitled, knowing they will receive funds monthly and get used to things free of cost. Therefore, they do not work and indulge in superficial purchases – we know of a few cases like this in our colonies.
In case of Medical Emergencies, could our Trustees come out with a Group Insurance Policy for Zoroastrians in India, since our numbers are seriously dwindling, maybe we could get a donor to cover all by say 10 lakhs where the group policy premium is less than Rs. 5000 rupees. This will provide relief to the Trust as well as to humdins who worry about huge hospital expenses. Importantly, it should be Cashless.

In the Corporate world, we lay out tasks functions that have to be achieved in a particular time frame, based on the Business plan made by the Management ahead of the year ending. Maybe the BPP can do something similar or some out of box thinking – invite some relevant community members to share suggestions to solve those problems. I am sure we will flourish like our ancestors within 5 to 10 years if we cater to strong and solid planning and execute it religiously.

Dr. Gev Dalal (gev.dalal@rubberwala.com)



The Lost Meaning of TRUSTEES

The Parsi community members of Mumbai are witnessing social media fights between the Trustees of the grand old institution, the BPP. To most of the community members, it is absolutely disgusting, ridiculous and shameful.

Trustees are supposed to be the lead actors in the founding stories of every institution. Trustees are also understood to have a duty of loyalty, a duty of care, and a duty of obedience. The duty of loyalty requires directors and trustees to put aside their personal interests in favor of the interests of the community they serve. A trustee ethic begins with trust being extended and with the acceptance of that trust. Those who are chosen, selected, or elected as trustees respond in trust, fidelity, loyalty, and care. In the reciprocity of trust, a moral relationship to the community members is aroused. A relationship rooted in trust is the motive force in engendering a sense of moral accountability and stewardship. It is precisely because trustees are entrusted that a sense of moral responsibility for community is created.

The moral responsibilities of trustees extend beyond legal obligations. It is important to state that ethics is not a matter of simply enunciating rules or moral codes, rather it is the application of moral understanding to situations and contexts. Community members look forward to each Trustee as their role model and look for true leadership qualities. Let me list down some of the points, what we understand and expect from our Trustees/Board:

Definitions of Trustee:
• Group of members who manages money of the community
• One to whom everything is entrusted
• One occupying a position of TRUST
• One who has fiduciary duty to act in best interest of beneficiary (community)
• One who ensures no misuse of community assets

Moral Duties:
• To be role model for the community they serve.
• To be morally bound to handle matters in responsible and productive manner
• Under absolute moral obligation to act solely for the benefit of community and not for personal interests.
• Morally accountable to preserve faithfully the institution’s founding purposes.

What the Community looks for in each one of them:
• Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds from each member.
• Leadership Qualities, create good examples and resolve their issues
• Teamwork between the Board members demonstrating UNITY.
• Creating congenial environment in the society
• A Role Model for the future generations.
• One who will passionately stand by for the community rights.
• Most importantly one who demonstrates the teachings and principles of Zarathustra, in their day to day interactions.

What is our community witnessing now?:
• Mud Slinging, Naming and Shaming and ridiculing each other on daily basis
• Allegations of criminal offenses
• Cross allegations and defamation threats
• Police threats and what not…

As many community members said, it is nothing less than washing the dirty linen in public. It also gives a feeling that probably no community in the recent past has washed more dirty laundry in public than we have on social media!

It seems we have forgotten Zarathushtra’s prime objectives, and we judge ourselves and others by the prestige of our positions, the size of our bank accounts, the make of our cars, the size of our houses. In the light of all the above, we may say BPP today needs the true spirit of Zoroastrianism for revitalizing itself. There seems to be restlessness and fights due to loss of spiritual and ethical values.

It is my humble suggestion to all the stakeholders/trustees/board members, to absorb the wise words of Zarathustra in true spirit, “Think creatively, constructively, rationally, originally and independently with your head; love fully, universally and joyously with your heart; and live dynamically in total goodness by using your hand to serve mankind in the cause of unity and peace.”

Ushta Te!

Yashan Jokhi, Dubai (yashan_j@hotmail.com)



Re: BPP, What’s Going On?

I perused with dismay the assault on Yazdi Desai by some of his colleagues who are unable to share his vision of progress, thereby resulting in an avoidable dissent, in PT dated Jan 12. The BPP Trustees have been elected by the community members in good faith to heal the Parsi community of blemishes inflicted in the past. Instead of allowing the healing to occur, new abrasions and aspersions are caused. It must be remembered that when you point one finger at someone else, you have three fingers pointing right back at yourself.

It is hoped that the current BPP Team resolves its differences and works together amicably in a mature manner, for the benefit of the Parsi community. United we stand, divided we fall.

Pervyyn Kavarana (reikipowerckr@gmail.com)



Re: PT’s New Column, ‘Cyrus The (Not So) Great!’ by Cyrus Broacha

The best thing that has happened since inception of your esteemed paper is getting the extremely hilarious and super talented Cyrus Broacha on board! I laughed and laughed and laughed till my tummy ached. It was one the most hilarious write ups I read after Behram Contractor’s ‘BUSY BEE’ columns.

I look forward to reading more and more write ups by Cyrus The (Definitely – 100%) Great!

Cyrus Vankadia (cyrusvankadia@gmail.com)



Re: The Metro Tunnel Issue

This is my personal view point contrary to Karl’s point of view and in favour of letter by Zairab in an article on the controversial issue of the Metro Tunnel being built under the Wadiaji Atash Behram at Princess Street. Let me remind Karl that his view point is contrary to the promise given by our Zoroastrian forefathers in Sanjan, Gujrat by our High Priest, by expressing that we the Parsees will merge in milk, like sugar melts in milk, and any project in greater public interest has not to be opposed for sake of fears based on unfounded scientific facts.

The Govt. of the day will surely consider the safety behind the proposed Metro Tunnel digging whenever such huge infrastructure projects are undertaken. If the goals are not met by the Govt., my view is let the good lord Ahura Mazda guide the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Mahrashtra, so that both the problems of Mumbai City Upgrade of Infrastructure can happen smoothly without any vibrations or disturbance to Zoroastrian worshipers in the said Atash Behrams (all things possible if we have faith in Science and God Almighty).

About the vandalised stained glass at Bhika Behram well near Flora Fountain, as I am a frequent visitor, there will be a follow up on behalf of the Parsi Community with the police authorities and give my feedback to Parsi Times, as in India there is the Rule of Law – the only issue is it takes a long time for the law to make vandals accountable and punished.

Noshir Anklesaria <nosh1@xtra.co.nz>

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