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Trustees Please Realize Your Responsibility

We are a community greatly revered and respected for the values and virtues we practice. Today the trend is reversed to an extent that the community is not trusting its own Trustees, in fact the trustees themselves do not trust each other, blatantly alleging each other with serious accusations. It has reached a point to bring in a vote of no confidence to oust the Chairman! Is this a fair outcome of a democratic system of election where every community member has the freedom to select the trustee? Either the community is not mature to select right trustees or there is a serious bankruptcy of leadership in the community or perhaps good people do not want to plunge in this murky puddle or perhaps the Chair itself is cursed.

However, while the community in Mumbai faces this crisis, Delhi, Bangalore and other Panchayats are working in harmony and yielding best results.

Earlier our trustees served for the benefit of the community – working in harmony, setting aside their differences and solving their problems within the four walls of the Boardroom. What ails with the BPP now? Firstly, there was no compulsion to select Desai as Chairperson. Though it was an effort to bring harmony in the boardroom, old habits and arrogance has made more enemies than friends. It is shameful that the trustees elected to solve community problems and bring harmony in the community are washing their dirty linen in public spoiling the image and reputation of the community.

Secondly, when one stands for elections, one is fully aware that there will be six others with whom one has to work with in harmony. Personal grudges are to be set aside when working for a common cause. If you cannot tolerate the presence of another, you should move out, not push out others or deprive them of their legitimate rights. As a trustee you have to be tolerant even towards your adversaries.

Dear Trustees, realize that you are holding a very prestigious position in our society. Realize your responsibility and grow up now! You are not kids to keep squabbling over all things petty and otherwise. Show maturity, act wisely and prove yourself worthy of the position you acquired. You have the right to disagree, but as a trustee you have no right to disrespect others.

Disinfect the Boardroom with a Jasan to bring harmony, discard all your dirty linen and as you started your tenure on a happy note, complete the remaining tenure cordially and amicably. Today we are worried about our dwindling numbers but when values are lost, it matters not whether we survive or go into oblivion. Our ancestors came here as fugitives, they earned name, fame and wealth. Their wealth brought happiness and prosperity to the poor and the needy. Let not their stupendous efforts die in vain.

Piroja Jokhi (piroja.jokhi@yahoo.com)


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