Meherbai’s Mandli Has Vasanoo Pey Charcha

The Mandli was recovering from the worst wedding reception of the season, given by a common friend, known to most of the members, where the guests had to stand in an overcrowded hotel lounge for a mile-long queue, first to bless the couple ( ie pay for your own meals) and later for the ice-cold and tasteless food, which had no Parsi touch or Parsipanu to it.

Coomi Kaajwali: It was a total Dham Dhol Aney Maha Pol function and the Mandli should ask for a peheramni-refund. Instead of our good old Baugs with a Parsi Caterer, people try all sorts of fancy stuff at virtually double the price and then have the gall to ask friends the next day – Gamyu Ke? Of course, out of courtesy, the friends have to say Hamuney ghanooj gamiyu! In reality, a complete flop show. Naam Motta Aney Darshan Khotta !

Classy Kainaz: This only proves that money can’t buy class. Forget it darlings, put it down as a bad experience and just move on. Such things happen in life! By the way, did you read about the wedding where the young couple requested the guests to pledge and donate their organs instead of cash and gifts?

Freny Fatakri: Even Ranveer and Deepika requested the guests at their wedding reception to donate to their favourite charities. How noble!

Filly the film buff: Did you guys see the movie, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’? How was it Aban?

Abhan Aban: Who do you think, I am? Hoshang Katrak? Go ask him about this silent movie!

Filly: Who says it’s a silent movie ?

Abhan Aban: I say so. It’s common sense that if the movie is based on ex-PM Manmohan Singh, it MUST be a silent-movie because Manmohanji never opened his mouth!

Jimmy James Bond: My friend Navroze, the celebrity dentist says the PM opened his mouth nice and wide every time he came to him for treatment.

Abhan Aban: That must be the only time, otherwise how can the dentist do his job?

Banoo Batak: Talking about silence and not talking, my husband and I lead separate lives under the same roof as we have nothing in common and I don’t allow him to open his mouth either at home or even to speak to any of the neighbours. The only thing I allow him to open is the main door when the doodhwalla, eedawala, cook, kachrawala, ganga or the fishwala come to our door.

Siplee Soona: There are also supressed wives like me who have no say in anything. Even if I say one word, my husband becomes angry like the ‘Incredible Hulk’ and asks, Tamuney Puchchyoo? Mohnoo Bandh – Don’t Angry me!

Chibavli Chandan:  My God Soona, how can you live with this hulk perpetually in Maun-Vrat? My husband and I can’t keep quiet even for five minutes.

Meherwanji: Even Meherbai and I talk for hours on various topics under the Sun and we learn so much from each other about films, books, music, art, culture and politics!

Cyrus the psychiatrist: Yours is a thriving happy marriage which is ALIVE. The moment a couple has nothing to say or discuss with each other, the marriage is DEAD.

Coomi Kaajwali: That means MY marriage is still alive because my husband is a Yakaholic who yakity-yaks all day.

By now, the Vasnoo and Badampak were served and the Mandli relished the goodies in complete silence.

Adorable Adi: Saathey Khava Thi Pyar Vadhey !

Dolly’s Dolla: Aney vajan bi !

Hasti Hilla: Good news, Vachyu Ke? Petrol prices have reduced.

Polly Politician: That’s only because of the forthcoming elections. Once the voting is over, the prices will sky-rocket!

Hasti Hilla: Rohan, since petrol has become cheap, take me somewhere in our car – Gaam Jaiyee!

Rarto Rohan: Etlu bi sastu nathi thayu! I can take you to Girgaum for a break. Politicians will give the public all sorts of lollypops like this slight drop in petrol-prices before elections. They come with folded hands for votes asking HOW ARE YOU. And once the elections are over and you approach them for anything, they’ll say WHO ARE YOU?

On this note, the members parted with kisi-koti and ta-ta-bye-bye. Khadhri Ketayun stayed behind to take home the left over Vasanoo and Badam-Pak.

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