‘Parsi Dhamaka’ Steals The Show At ‘Sanskruti Arts Festival’

Er. Cyrus Dastoor of Frohar Film, recently participated in the ‘Sanskruti Arts Festival’, held near Upvan Lake, Thane, with a variety entertainment program, ‘Parsi Dhamaka’, under the auspicious of Universal Theatres, on 13th January, 2019. The program comprised various facets of Parsi community, including the display of beautiful Gara saris and jhablas, the Navjote ceremony, a Navaria and Behdin Pasbaans in traditional religious dress, a traditional Parsi Sethia, followed by hilarious short skits, gags, monajats and a Garba dance by the Parsi ladies of Thane on ‘Atash No Garbo’. Cyrus Dastoor was felicitated on behalf of the entire group, while individual certificates were awarded to each participant.

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