Righteousness Paves The Path That Lies Between Me And Thee, Ahura Mazda

I praise and honour and adore the Fravashis of those men and women of all climes and of all times, who, pure like fire and chaste like snow, have lived for righteousness. Girt with the armour of righteousness, they have fought against wickedness. Their lives have been lives of one long martyrdom. They rose to greatness through suffering for the cause of righteousness. May the noble example of their unflinching confidence in themselves animate myself to face hardships and overcome obstacles and walk steadfastly on the Path of Righteousness under thy guidance, Ahura Mazda.

Righteousness lies not in the scrupulous observance of conventionalized socio-religious customs, nor in the performance of elaborate rituals. Life of good thoughts and good words and good deeds alone makes for righteousness. It makes my character fragrant as flower. Righteousness, like wickedness, is of my own making. Neither is innate in me. The soil of the Kingdom of Righteousness is in the human heart. Heaven, they say, is above and beyond. I will live heavenly life upon earth and bring down heaven in my heart. Brick by brick will I build the tower of righteousness and day by day will I rise higher and higher to reach it. I will make Asha Vahishta’s righteousness reign supreme within me.

Far better it is to walk the rugged Path of Righteousness and win happiness as reward than tread the smooth path of wickedness and reap suffering as retribution. Wickedness will finally quail and fall prostrate before righteousness. I will labour to hasten that consummation and contribute my might to the advent of the Kingdom of Righteousness.

I will, feed my life of the body with bread and I will feed my life of the spirit with righteousness. Health and wealth, name and fame may forsake me, but righteousness never. Everything dies. Righteousness alone does not die. Righteousness is richer than riches. Willingly will I let go riches to preserve my righteousness. I will clothe myself in the raiments of righteousness. I will thirst after righteousness. I will not swerve from the Path of Righteousness. I will love righteousness with a lifelong passion. I will follow righteousness like its shadow. My soul will weave the pattern of righteousness on the loom of my life. I will set my feet firmly on the Path of Righteousness for this is the one path that takes me nearer to Thee, Ahura Mazda!



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