Session on Dementia / Alzheimer’s Held By WE (WZCC)

World Zarathusti Chamber of Commerce’s ‘Mumbai Chapter’ (WZCC) and its Women Entrepreneurs wing (WE) organised a session on ‘Alzheimer’s – Managing An Ageing Mind For Entrepreneurs and Professionals’ on 19th January, 2019, at the Indian Merchant’s Chamber. Attended by fifty members and guests, the objective of the workshop was to guide people to lead a meaningful life in their twilight years, and to help the younger generation, entrepreneurs and professionals, to better understand their senior family members and deal with them with more compassion. Chairperson, WE, Homai Mehta, delivered the welcome address, followed by , Director – Corporate Secretary, WZCC International Board of Directors and Member on the WE Committee, Behroze Daruwalla introducing the speaker for the day, Dr. Dolly Dastoor.

A clinical psychologist with a PhD in assessment of Dementia, especially Alzheimer Disease, and an Asst. Professor in Psychiatry at McGill University, and Chair of the Education Committee in the McGill Centre of Research and Studies in Ageing, Dr. Dastoor explained the different stages of the Alzheimer’s disease and their behavioural symptoms. She provided techniques of dealing with patients that would give some respite to the caregivers who tend to attend to patients 24/7, as well as ‘10 warning signs’ to help detect the disease in its initial stage. The session highlighted the difference between Alzheimer’s and Dementia, with the latter being a wider term which covers different types of illnesses – Alzheimer’s being one of them. Dr. Dolly explained how the disease is fast becoming a major health issue for the aging population of our community, with most of us having or knowing someone in our immediate or extended families that is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Globally, Alzheimer patients numbered 20 million in the year 2000. However, by 2030 this number is expected to cross 74 million. Asian countries are more affected and Alzheimer’s is rapidly on the rise in India as well. It was also interesting to note that more women are affected by Alzheimer’s as compared to men.

The event concluded with a question answer round, leading to a vote of thanks delivered by Vice Chairperson, WE, Villie Daruvala, followed by refreshments.

About Reported by Villie Daruvala, Vice Chairperson, WE

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