Turel Brothers Ordained Navar, Martab

Proud Turel brothers, 10-year-old Fravash and 14-year-old Ushaan Turel, recently completed their Navar and Martab ceremony at Rustom Faramna Agiary, Dadar, on 25th and 28th December, 2018, respectively. Sons of Mehroo and Er. Kaiwan Turel, grandsons of the Aspi and Kashmira Turel (paternal) and late Jal and Arnavaz Mistry (maternal), underwent their ceremonies under the tutelage of Er. Aspandiar Katila and Er. Jehaan Darbari. Students of ESF International schools in Hong Kong, the sons hope to follow their father’s footsteps and offer prayers at the Zoroastrian Association of Hong Kong.



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