Update: Kerala Floods Relief & Rehabilitation by WZOTF And Kinder Trust

WZO Trust is pleased to inform donors, well wishers and community members, an update of the various relief and rehabilitation measures undertaken by the World Zoroastrian Organisation Trust Funds, in joint initiative with the Kinder Trust, towards the devastating Kerala Floods which caused massive destruction to life and land. The first public appeal for funds to contribute towards the relief and rehabilitation of those affected by the devastating floods was launched by WZO Trust on August 19, 2018, and our generous community had contributed a total of Rs.36,39,594/-.


Field visits were made by Kinder Trust’s dynamic leader, Diana Bharucha and her team to over 30 villages in Kerala and 10 villages in Kodagu to ascertain the damage, check out the ground realties, study the requirements and to distribute aid directly to the beneficiaries. With the generous donations, we successfully undertook the following Relief and Rehabilitation measures:


Relief Measures Provided:

A total of 1800 families were given aid in form of provisions and necessities for a month. More than 600 people were given free medical consultations and medication. Thousands were assisted when 70,000 Doxycycline tablets donated as a prophylaxis to Leptospirosis, thus averting a major outbreak. In addition to distributing aid consisting of daily necessities, medical camps were conducted at six severely affected centres of Kerala with the help of volunteer Doctors and villagers.

Provisions distributed included 10 tons of Rice, 3.5 tons of lentils, 2.5 tons of Sugar, 1,800 litres of cooking oil, 1.5 tons bleaching powder, tea, salt, spices, sambar powder, tooth brushes / tooth paste, mosquito coils, phenyl bottles, disinfectants, hand soaps, detergent soap that were made into bundles and given to each family for a month’s sustenance. Cleaning brushes, swivel mops with buckets, were given to people in Kutinad to clean over a foot of silt in their homes. Solar lamps with cell phone charging facility were distributed to those where electricity supply was disrupted; 4 Gas geysers donated to a shelter for children; an industrial water unit installed at an Orphanage in Kerala; Batteries, buckets, nightdresses, Jackets, children’s clothing, lungis and various other items of need.

WZO Trust/Kinder Trust sponsored the B. Com fees of a bright student who wished to pursue CA, as her family had lost their belongings in their modest home. Two Parsee octogenarian ladies who lived alone in Trichur were also financially assisted in shifting temporarily to a safer area.


Rehabilitation Measures Provided:

Kinder Trust and WZO Trust, have started a Bee Keeping project called ‘Nectar Flow’ with assistance from Brigadier Mac Devaiah, who interacts with the farmers. With support and subsidy from the Government and technical assistance from an expert Bee Keeper, apart from promoting sustainable self employment, the local plantations will also benefit with pollination and higher yield, and importantly the environment would also benefit as bees play a vital role in the eco system.


A tailoring unit in Mancombu which was destroyed has been restarted with the necessary equipment and space provided where ladies make cotton carry bag that will replace plastic bags. A project to start a coconut oil extraction cooperative is also under discussion.


WZO Trust / Kinder Trust express their sincere gratitude to community members who have extended support in this humanitarian exercise.

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