Emotional Healing With Tai Chi – Part II: ANGER

Tai chi is a 4000-year-old martial art and works on the integration of body, mind and soul, on the principal that every physical ailment stems from the mind and that a proper balance between mind and body can correct and prevent these issues. Tai Chi facilitates the smooth flow of energy in the body’s Meridian systems or energy pathways. Meridian blockages can be caused due to various reasons including imbalanced emotions, actions, thoughts and deeds, which inhibit the free flow of energy (Chi). Each Meridian is associated with one primary and two secondary organs. Depending on where the blockage is – on which meridian, the primary, secondary or all the organs get affected sooner or later. Taichi works on these meridians and removes the blockages so that free flow of qi can result in a healthy life overall.


The Emotion: ANGER

Anger is an emotion that can simmer and build over time for some, and suddenly flare up for others. IT is a destructive emotion that damages people, relationships and lives. There are many reasons for anger. Not getting what you want, feeling cheated, experiencing loss, feeling envious, disrespected, humiliated, and so on. The resulting emotion can be very strong. If the person is not able to deal with it and release it from his/her system, it can be potentially destructive.


The Organ Affected: LIVER

As per Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a large number of liver issues are caused by stored, suppressed anger. When we get angry, no matter how appropriate the reasons may seem, we store that toxic Qi (energy) in our liver system. We are able to flush out the anger if we deal with the anger, but if not, we end up storing layer upon layer of anger toxins. Soon, the accumulated anger stored starts affecting our liver. The liver system is responsible for detoxification. The emotion slowly starts impacting this function and causes the onset of Liver Diseases like Fatty liver, sluggish liver, Hepatitis and an constant overall sense of malaise. As the liver is associated with are the Gall Bladder and the eyes, these also get affect leading to problems in vision, etc.



We need to be conscious of the fact that if we wish to have a healthy liver, we need to deal with our anger and stop being angry. Though it sounds easier said than done, if we keep this thought in our mind all the times, we will take a moment before getting angry. Here are a few methods that will help:

  1. Writing Anger Letters: Think of the person who causes you anger and write out nasty letter to him/her, letting all that anger pour out of your system onto the paper. Then TEARthe paper and dispose it off. DO NOTKEEP THE LETTER. It is not to be shared.
  2. Work on some mandalas and purge toxins out to cleanse your liver system: A mandala is an abstract design that is usually circular and you need to draw, color and/or create one. This may give valuable insight into your subconscious and will help you deal with unwanted emotions.
  3. Take up an active sport: Take up a sport that is high cardio – this helps purge anger toxins. Running, jogging, kick-boxing, tennis, badminton, football, etc., help you release anger.
  4. Build Self-control: Self-Rationalize the futility of anger – ask yourself if it’s really worth it, if anger is more important than your own health and well-being? Are you ready to face the ramifications of your anger and do damage control later? Be assertive instead of aggressive – handling things in a civil manner will be more holistic for you and all around.
  5. Try Self-Dissipation Techniques: Look at yourself in the mirror when you are angry. Do you like what you see?


How Taichi Helps:

 As Taichi works on body, mind and soul, it calms the anxious mind and brings insight. The qi works on the blocks in the energy pathways, so that the related organ can function smoothly. Specific Taichi moves focus on the liver system and help in removing toxins from it. The liver will be strengthened with daily practice and breathing. Taichi exercises also work on improving the functioning of the gall bladder. If vision related issues are longstanding, degenerative changes might be slowed. As the liver starts to get better, its efficiency will improve and overall listlessness and malaise will also reduce. Other symptoms and issues will slowly start fading and bring about a positive change in the person’s life.  Try these:

  1. Visualize your liver in a beautiful emerald green color. See your liver release all the excess toxins from it and then feel it surrounded by this color. Imagine your liver as a whole, new organ.
  2. Anger harms – try to focus on kindness. Let kindness supersede everything you do. Be soft towards others and give them a patient ear. Let others feel welcome in your presence instead of making them feel uncomfortable.
  3. Laugh!!! Find or do something funny and laugh. Try to see the funny side of what makes you angry. Once you laugh, you will actually feel better.

4.Incorporating the element of wood around you will help – like small plants, wooden artifacts or wooden articles. This brings a sense of balance in your body.

  1. Use the emerald green color either in the form of dresswear or around you in other ways.


Affirmations that you can repeat to help overcome anger:

“I am full of kindness and compassion.”

“I make my body smile from within.”


Keep In Mind:

The liver is like a dynamo in your body. It is strong and tolerates a lot but once it breaks, it affects the smooth flow of nutrients and impacts you. Let anger not get the better of you. Avoid making statements like, “I am so mad at you!” or “I’m livid with….”  These feelings of anger inevitably increase blood pressure and heart rate.

 Be kind and bring a smile on someone’s face rather than getting a scowl on yours.



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