Fitness Funda Of The Week By K11 – “MUSIC – Your Performance Enhancing Drug”

You just picked up speed on the treadmill – there’s a sudden burst of energy from the best part of the song. Then abruptly, there is silence as the song is over and the jog doesn’t seem interesting anymore! The enthusiasm drops – we’ve all experienced this before. Gym goers endorse how music makes their smile brighter during workouts – it adds that extra something that motivates them to go further or workout harder; it sets the mood and provides a distraction from the monotony and pain of exercise.

Music encourages rhythmic movements – releasing dopamine, a hormone responsible for feelings of pleasure and reward. It decreases the perceived exertion and fatigue caused by the ongoing exercise. Our movements are controlled by the brain, and music stimulates the part of the brain that controls movements. Hence the right tempo in music can help the body move in step with the beat. The ideal tempo for aerobic exercise (cardio) is set between 120-140 beats per minutes (bpm). Music helps muscles move continually and more efficiently.  Music’s energizing effect comes from its ability to activate the sympathetic nervous system. And in exercise, this system prepares the body for action through powerful muscular contractions, faster heart-beat, rapid breathing, increased alertness and improved oxygenation of muscles.

Your playlist can establish the pace of your exercise routine. Research shows that fast tempo music increases physiological stimulation. A powerful song can change your mood instantly! Headphones in. World Off. Beast mode ON!


Lata Rajan
Senior Faculty (Exercise Science)
K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences
Fitness Icon Kaizzad Capadia

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