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Sorrow, Gratitude, Service

We step into the weekend as a nation in mourning, as India grieves the heinous loss of her brave soldiers in one of the deadliest terror attacks, since the start of the insurgency three decades ago, that took place in Pulwama (Kashmir) on 14th February. An explosives-laden vehicle driven by a suicide bomber (from the Jaish-e-Mohammed terror outfit), rammed into a bus, which was part of a security convoy of over 70 vehicles traveling to Srinagar, carrying a large number of paramilitary personnel. We lost over 42 protectors of our nation, and we know the number of casualties will probably increase as the days go by. Our thoughts and hearts go out to the families and loved ones of our brave martyrs, as we pray for the souls of the departed. In the words of the poet, Thomas Moore:

“Peace to each manly soul that sleepeth;
Rest to each faithful eye that weepeth.”

May there never come a time when our sense of gratitude for these real-life heroes, who reinforce the essence of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘service’, wanes. Unfortunately, in our everyday, hectic city lives, it’s easy to forget the valiant, who enable our very freedom and democracy. And though, for most of us, these horrific incidents will, in time, get relegated to sad memories, titled ‘Uri’ and ‘Pulwama’, there are those who will live with mental, emotional and physical scars, that will perhaps take a lifetime to heal. To them too, are we grateful, for having given their loved ones, with pride, in the name of national honour and service.

Maybe, the answer lies in service itself, because nothing heals or redeems humanity better, than when one engages in genuine service – to one’s nation, cause or community. Parsi Times is privileged and proud to continue sharing its platform in support of numerous causes over the years, and we thank our readers for your enthusiastic patronage… do read up on the ‘XYZ Vessel-a-Thon’ initiative (Pg. 8) and WFA’s Adoption Camp – ‘My Furry Valentine’ (Pg. 20), both causes media partnered by PT, seeking your open-hearted participation.

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Have a good weekend!

– Anahita


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