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It’s Getting Hot!


Dear Readers,

After an unusually prolonged nippy spell, temperatures have been rising steadily, initially to the relief of many, but eventually turning into a concern as we head into the infamous melting Mumbai summers, just around the corner. The combined effect of climate change and an evolving ‘El Niño’ (a weather phenomenon comprising an irregularly occurring and complex series of climatic changes affecting the equatorial Pacific region and beyond, every few years) will have an indirect impact on Indian seasons, especially monsoons, and could make 2019 the hottest year ever.

In fact, the 20 warmest years on record have been the last 22 years, a trend sitting in perfectly with the emission rates of greenhouse gases (GHGs) which were at a record high in 2018, as per the World Meteorological Organisation. Even the India Meteorological Department has predicted soaring temperatures this summer for us. By all indications, 2019 will be a year of extreme climates. Let’s face it – we have to take climate change a lot more seriously than Trump, and change needs to happen at an individual level, starting with each one of us. We need to control and undo the harm that our species has unleashed upon Mother Nature, especially since even our religion is based on respecting and worshipping the forces of nature.

This issue of PT brings you good reasons to start your weekend with a smile – kudos to our Zarthostis for doing our Community proud across industries including medicine, sports and commerce! A special vote of appreciation and note of thanks to the vibrant ‘Empowering Mobeds’ team (Pg. 8), for doing great community service by strengthening the Mobed-Community connect and truly empowering our Mobeds with effective life-skills and more.

With Jamshedi Navroz fast approaching, PT is delighted to Media Partner with the legendary Yazdi Karanjia, hailed as the ‘Comedy King Of Gujarati Theatre’, along with his talented troupe from Surat (Pg. 1). What better start to the New Year than with family and loved ones, doubling up with laughter? But before that, do take the time tomorrow to participate in XYZ’s noble ‘Vessel-a-Thon’ (Pg. 20) drive, another great cause that PT is proud to partner with. And don’t forget to mail us your entries for our ‘Woman’s Day Contest’ (Pg. 7) to be published in PT’s Woman’s Day Special issue next weekend!

Have a good weekend!



– Anahita

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