Jashn-e-Sadeh Celebrated At Asha Vahishta

The mid-winter Zoroastrian festival celebrated across Iran, ‘Jashn-e-Sadeh’, was hosted and celebrated with great fervor at the ‘Asha Vahishta’ Zoroastrian Centre Dadgah, in Pune, on 27th January, 2019. As is becoming the norm, the venue was packed with devotees, with many having to stand in the aisle, lobby and the open compound area. Numerous Parsi and Irani devotees had specially driven in from Mumbai, Palghar, Dahanu, Deolali, Nasik, etc., to attend the function.

A jasan was performed by priests in the Hawan Geh and a contributory Maachi was offered at the Dadgah in the Rapithwan Geh. Talented musicians and artistes from Iran, dressed in traditional Iranian attire, specially performed and rendered live, soulful, traditional Persian music. Snacks, refreshments and the jasan’s fruits and malido was served after the function.

Speaking on the occasion, Founder Vispy Wadia, said, “Sadly, Parsis in India have lost touch with our authentic Zoroastrian festivals like Yalda, Jashne Sadeh, Mehregan, etc. At Asha Vahishta, one of our main aims is to revive our rich and ancient culture by hosting and celebrating these nearly forgotten occasions, which keep us connected with and help us take pride in our roots.”

In Zoroastrian mythology, Sadeh is referred to as a celebration of mankind’s discovery of fire. Alternatively, ‘Sadd’ also means ‘hundred’ and ‘Sadeh’ is the celebration of 100 days before Navroze.

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