Kudos To Powerlifting Champs – Hanoze, Zarvan, Friya!

On 17th February, 2019, the Amateur Powerlifting Association, in affiliation with the Maharashtra Powerlifting Association, held its annual Dead Lift and Bench Press Championship, where Hanoze Malesra, Zarvan Mistry and Friya Gandhi did our Community proud by winning laurels in the popular sport of Power Lifting.

Held at the Pahadi School, Goregaon, the Championship witnessed a turnout of over 300 participants, where our brilliant weight lifters excelled in their respective categories. Hanoze Malesra had a clean sweep with the First place, in the 74 kgs Male Category, with a deadlift poundage of 220 kgs. Zarvan Mistry, competing in the 93 kgs Male Category, bagged Second place with a deadlift poundage of 220 kgs as well.  Zarvan also bagged Fourth place in the same category in the Bench Press Competition. Representing our proud Parsi women was Friya Gandhi, who bagged Second place in the 47 kgs Female Category, with a clean Deadlift of 100 kgs.

Hanoze and Zarvan are passionate and experienced torch bearers of the fitness industry and have been training clients successfully over many years. Friya, a French teacher by profession and a relative novice at the sport, began her training under Hanoze just 5 months ago, demonstrating brilliant skill in her very first competition!

Our Community is proud of our strong and athletic Zarthostis for continuing the tradition of Parsi supremacy in this sport. Here’s wishing kudos to our strong willed champions!

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