Participate In XYZ’s ‘Vessal-A-Thon’

PT: Tell us about the XYZ Vessel-a-thon?
Hoshaang: We are organising a Vessel Collection and Donation Drive across Mumbai with the aim of bridging the gap by donating vessels to people who need them. The idea germinated with Reanna Palia, our XYZ Best President 2015, who wanted to organize a collection drive to Make A Difference. We considered the idea of vessels and during the Leadership Camp, our XI members (youngsters between 15-25) coined the term Vessel-a-thon. At XYZ, we want our children to realise our privilege and give back in whatever way we can. As a community, we need to make a larger impact on the world outside and ensure that our children keep the Zoroastrian flag flying high.

PT: Why vessels?
Hoshaang: Vessels are one of life’s most basic needs – we use them to cook food and enjoy a hot, nutritious meal. But not everyone in our country possesses clean and safe utensils, and this is our attempt to start a change. Every house has at least a few extra vessels or cutlery lying around which are not used. These can be donated to those who currently eat off cardboard or newspaper.

PT: How can people help?
Hoshaang: We encourage participation from all. Scout groups could help with the Collection Drive; Associations from various colonies can help with having Drop-off Boxes for the vessels; Schools have pledged to help by having their students participate in collections. Also, people can help with sorting the vessels or helping with transportation.

PT: Who will the vessels be donated to?
Hoshaang: XYZ has tied up with numerous organisations and NGOs where these vessels will be donated. Also, our groups will visit various orphanages, old age homes, municipal schools, etc. in their area and donate vessels to those in need.

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