Participate In XYZ’s ‘Vessel-A-Thon’

Media Partner Parsi Times

On Sunday, 24th February, 2018 XYZ will organise a ‘The Vessel-a-Thon’ – a Vessel Collection and Donation Drive across Mumbai, with the aim of bridging the gap by donating vessels to people who need them. Vessels are one of life’s most basic needs – we use them to cook food and enjoy a hot, nutritious meal. But not everyone in our country possesses clean and safe utensils, and this is our attempt to start a change. Every house has at least a few extra vessels or cutlery lying around which isn’t used and can be donated to those who are under-privileged and can use the same. Leading from the front when it comes to promoting social and community causes, Parsi Times is delighted to Media Partner with XYZ’s Vessel-a-Thon initiative.

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