Rajkot Agyari Damaged By Encroachments

Last week, the 145-year-old, only Agyari in Rajkot, was seriously damaged due to encroachments by residents. Despite the efforts of the Rajkot Zarthosty Anjuman Trusteees with the Rajkot Municipal Commissioner and District Collector, no action has been taken against the encroachments.
The Anjuman’s Secretary, Kushman Tamboli, said that they were unable to do away with the nuisance caused by nearby residents, who have allegedly constructed illegal toilets and other structures on the Agyari’s outside walls, and that the waste from the toilets was directly affecting the water in the well – the essential part of the Agyari, with its water used to perform religious rituals. The well water has been polluted and become unfit for human consumption due to sewage water from illegal toilets, he lamented. Tamboli also alleged that some of the encroachers threatened the Trustees for raising the issue with civic authorities.
Rajkot Municipal Commissioner, Banccha Nidhi Pani, has assured that action would be taken against illegal construction, if any, and they would try and solve the sewage issue. Currently, the Parsi population in Rajkot comprises four families, totaling to thirteen.

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