Rustom Baug Holds ‘Retirement Planning’ Seminar

On 3rd February, 2019, an investor awareness seminar was held for Rustom Baug and Jer Baug residents, aimed at educating senior citizens on Retirement Planning, by Farhad and Farzana Mogal, owners of the financial planning firm, ‘Family Finances’. Expounding on how to lead a peaceful, retired life, the seminar covered four key points of having adequate Mediclaim cover; maintaining an Emergency Fund; Asset Management; and the importance of having a professional financial adviser to handle the same. Farhad emphasized the need to have a medical policy of at least Rs. 10 to 15 lakhs due to high medical inflation and increasing life expectancy, as also the importance of having appropriate asset allocation. The attendees left with numerous helpful insights for a more informed and planned future.

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