Book Reading By Author Shireen Isal

An entertaining and informative book-reading was organised on 12th February, 2019, in Mumbai, with author Shireen Isal, who read extracts from her book, ‘Zenobia Mistri, Teacher Par Excellence’. Firdaus Gandavia, Ph.D, English Litt. was the moderator for the event organized by Mehli and Saker Mistri. The interactive session had the audience seeking more information about the exceptional French teacher. Her students who were present there, evoked memories of her lovable eccentricities, much to everyone’s amusement. Others confirmed what so many knew – that Zenobia was a true ambassador of France in India, propagating both the language and the culture of ‘this fair land’ (Zenobia’s own description of France, where, in 1931, she obtained her Doctorate at the prestigious Sorbonne, no mean feat for a young Indian girl at the time).

Soonoo Taraporewala, author of ‘Tiger Warrior’, (biography of Fateh Singh Rathore of Ranthambhore) was present for the event and added to the positive feedback with, “I found the evening very interesting…was impressed by your determination and perseverance in researching details about Mrs. Mistri’s life, and know how much work goes into getting a biography together.”

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