Divine Is Ideal Friendship

Dasturji Dr. Manekji Naserwanji Dhalla.

From the time that the journey of his life begins, man likes not to be lonely. His loneliness frightens him. He is afraid to look into it. Crushing is the burden of solitude. Heavy is the load of life that weighs down his spirit, if all alone he has to bear it. Often is the firmament overcast and the clouds gather over his head. Dreary darkness falls upon him and weariness of spirit takes possession of him. Ever in search is he of someone who shares the unbearable burden of life and sustains him in his direst straits.

In living together with his kith and kin, man finds courage and comfort. When they work in unison, they become stronger and better able to go through rough times. Light becomes the burden and easy the yoke of life. Then does life take a brilliant color. They find safety to sail the sea of life in one and the same boat. Mutual love and common interest bind them together. The bond between them is the closest.

Next in worth to man’s love to his relatives, is his attachment to his friends. Friendly love knits them together. Relatives are born; friends are made. Man’s acquaintance begins with those who come across his path. From acquaintance is born familiarity between persons actuated by same motives and from familiarity grows friendship that ardently seeks alliance based on mutual trust. A friend is a staff upon whom one can lean. He is a tower of strength in one’s weakness, a solace in sorrow, a reliable counsel and a priceless asset at all times.

Let me face life with my friend with joint fervor and wisdom. Let us two bear each other’s joys and sorrows and give help and receive help. Let us trust and confide in each other. Let us open our minds and open our hearts to each other. Let us be everything to each other. With close intimacy of friendship, let our two hearts grow into one. United in the bond of friendship, let us two act as one. Let us make each other’s interests and concerns our own. Adversity is the touchstone of friendship. In prosperity and in adversity, whether good or ill betide, let us not forsake each other unto our dying day. Let us be inseparable in weal or woe. Let us bear with each other’s infirmities and forgive each other’s failings. Let us never fail to give each other his due. Let us each give his heart to gain the heart of the other. Let us live like brothers. Let us believe that in the death of his friend, he that remains behind loses his other self. Happy is the land where abundance of congenial friendship is found. True friendship is the Lord God’s delicious boon.

Thou art he, Ahura Mazda, whom Zarathushtra, when friendless and forlorn, implored to help him as a friend would help his friend. When his kith and kin disowned him and his wavering followers forsook him, Thou, his ever true friend stood by his side and helped him.

We seek Thee, as Zarathushtra sought Thee. We lift up our hands unto Thee in invocation seeking Thy friendship. Everything works for the best, when we have Thee for our friend. Be Thou our friend this day and all the days of our life, O Thou, never-failing Friend of ours!

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