Fitness – The Unfailing Mantra

India’s unparalleled Fitness Guru and Health Expert, also known as the Iron Man of India, and in every sense, the Nations Strength Coach, Kaizzad Capadia is the Co-Founder and Director of K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences – India’s foremost academic institution in the space of vocational education which has built careers for a record 50,000 plus aspiring Personal Trainers; Sports Nutritionists and Fitness Professionals, over the last two decades in India. As of 12th December 2018, K11 Academy of Fitness Sciences, became India’s FIRST and ONLY globally recognised Fitness Education provider. K11 Diploma holders are now qualified to work in numerous countries (UK, UAE, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Poland and Ireland), apart from India, without having to give any additional competency exams.

Revered as India’s first ever Professional Personal Trainer, Kaizzad has been the pride of our nation and our Community, having been a nationally ranked competitive Body Builder himself and is the biggest proponent of the Body Building Lifestyle as mankind’s ONLY Anti-Ageing solution. His innumerable awards and recognitions include being awarded – by the Rotary UHFF Fitness & Wellness Awards 2019, as ‘Fitness Icon’; by the Fitness Excellence Awards (FEA) 2018, for ‘Changing The Face Of Fitness Education’; by ‘The Economic Times Champion of Fitness 2017-18’ as a leading Educationist in the field of Fitness Sciences; by CIMS Medica in 2017 as ‘Pioneer in Performance Nutrition’; ‘Pride of India-2016 Award’ by the World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC)… and many more!

Kaizzad Capadia, enlightens and advises our readers on various aspects of health and fitness to help us lead healthier and happier lives…

Understanding The Difference Between ‘Being Fit’ And ‘Being Healthy’:

‘Health’ and ‘Fitness’, as terms, have always been misunderstood as being interchangeable or synonymous. ‘Health’, in this age of the debilitating Metabolic Syndrome pandemic, has become an ambition of sorts. But, health actually is a low target for any human to aim for. Health merely means – absence of illness, more accurately a state that has absolutely no pathologies or a state of complete normalcy.

‘Fitness’, on the other hand, is a performance parameter that is defined by what is desired to be achieved. For instance, if the goal is to climb up to the base camp of Mount Everest, then a requisite amount of endurance and strength is needed, which will make the task from simply  doable, all the way to a walk in the park, all depending on the amount of improvements one makes in the components of fitness – Strength, Endurance, Mobility and Body Composition (Power to Weight ratio). Many people with compromised health are physically more capable than people who are relatively healthier. What this means is that Fitness could give a person the ability to perform challenging tasks despite being in a pathological condition.

To improve Fitness for any kind of a physically challenging task, it is definitely beneficial to have the body in a healthy state. Another way of viewing the relationship between Health and Fitness is from the perspective of age – since 20-year-old Rustom is physically more capable than 50-year-old Adil, we can assume that Rustom is fitter than Adil. When Adil performs his daily tasks like an average 50-year-old, he is considered healthy. But if he performs like an average 20-year-old, then he is a FIT 50-year-old. So, from the perspective of what you should want, be more ambitious; don’t just say, “I wish to be healthy.” Instead, say, “I wish to be able to perform like a 20-year-old when I am 50 or even 60!”

To be healthy one does not need to do anything except not engage in eating harmful foods, not compromise one’s own immunity and avoid accidents. But, achieving any level of fitness requires a stimulus or a physically challenging workload applied to the body. The body then responds by specific adaptations to those imposed demands. One cannot get more enduring in running without engaging in the activity of running a little beyond one’s comfort zone. Similarly, one cannot get stronger without engaging in Strength Training and applying the principles of progressive overload. One’s Fitness improves through the body’s Specific Adaptations to imposed physical demands.

Five Invaluable Fitness Tips From The King Of Fitness:

(I) Continue with your cardio activities (walks, jogs, runs) but ensure to include Strength Training (weight training) in your workout/activity. It is Anti-Ageing and is the only exercise form that will stave off age-related degeneration. Contrary to popular belief, Weight Training becomes more important for us as we age.

(II) Avoid all Wheat and Wheat Products – be it bread, chappatis, rotis. Wheat is the biggest contributing factor to Diabetes, Obesity and gastric distress due to the Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

(III) Readers reading this paper have a one out of three chance of already being diagnosed as diabetics. If so, then remember that Diabetes is the bodies inability to process, metabolize and utilize energy from sugar. SUGAR NEEDS TO BE ELIMINATED FROM YOUR DIET. The tip here is about the lesser known fact that more than 60% of the sugars out there DO NOT TASTE SWEET. Your diet does not become Sugar-Free by ONLY giving up Sweets or Table Sugar (Sugar). All wheat and wheat products are sugar, rice is sugar, potatoes are sugar, basically, all starch is sugar. Diabetes seems incurable and often unmanageable because people are under the mistaken impression that they have given up sugar by not eating sweet foods or not adding table sugar to their tea / coffee, when in fact, unknowingly, because of lack of proper information, they are actually consuming loads of sugar in the form of starchy grains.

(IV) Obesity is a hormonal problem and NOT a behavioural one. The hormone INSULIN is the biggest culprit causing fat gain. Insulin is a much needed, intended by nature, to be in the human body. However, the unacceptably high levels that circulate in people today due to over-reliance on carbohydrate foods, make it LIPOGENIC (Creator of body-fat). High Sugar intake in the form of Carbohydrates (especially starch), makes the pancreas release unacceptably high levels of insulin all through the day, thus causing insulin resistance. It is this insulin resistance that causes the body to gain fat. You are not fat because you are sedentary. You are not fat because you eat too much. You are fat because you unknowingly eat too much sugar in the form of Starchy Carbohydrates (especially grains).

(V) View exercise in the correct light. Workouts were never meant for losing weight. Exercise has always been a medium for forcing the body to adapt to higher challenges to perform better. The significance of controlled exertion, that we term exercise, is exemplified by the phrase, “Do not run to lose weight; run to get better at running!”

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