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It’s been an eventful year, full of ups and downs – for all of us. Our Community’s prime concern went unaddressed, leaving us disappointed, as the non-responsive Government machinery failed to accede to the extremely reasonable request of a minority community known for its unparalleled contributions to the city and the nation.

As a Trustee of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet, I’m glad to share that the Board continued its good work through the year, allotting houses to those in need. Other fruitful undertakings by the BPP included successful Fund Raising for Community causes, mainly through the initiative, reach and trust placed by the community in this very newspaper, Parsi Times, which I’m proud to have founded.

A disturbing trend though, that has been rearing its ugly head, is the unwarranted leaking of internal issues of the BPP and other issues of the Community (like the Parsee General Hospital), being magnified and distorted in local and national mainline dailies. This has caused grave, and often irreparable, damage to both – the august institution of BPP as well as our much-respected community.

An even more dangerous trend is the sudden sprouting and disappearance of so-called fake newspapers and their supplements, which printed mainly paid advertisements in the guise of news. The one-point agenda was to confuse community members with false information and maliciously twisted truths. They did not stop short of printing internal e-mail trails exchanged between BPP Trustees or snippets of news, deliberately twisted out-of-context, to cause unnecessary confusion amongst Community members – something the Community could surely do without.

These individuals or groups with vested interests, operate in shady corners of anonymity and use ludicrous proxies to further their mala fide causes.

We are a small but well-respected community and the BPP Trustees need to show greater mutual understanding and respect, so as to regain the respect and trust of the community, and rebuild the image of the Trust.

My efforts to this end are known to many and this Navroze, I rededicate myself to these initiatives.

On a positive note, a quick recall from last Navroze to this Navroze would herald a report card, that shows the BPP has continued to achieve what we had set out to (the petty, internal skirmishes notwithstanding) – finalising and filing our Pending Accounts; Housing the poor; Helping those in need and implementing all activities that the Trustees are expected and duty-bound to do.

I take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you, your family and loved ones, and all our community members, wherever you may be located globally, a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous year ahead! May our Community grow from strength to strength in unity and progress!

Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak to all!

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