From ‘Rowdy Rover’ To ‘Courteous Canine’

Keeping a dog in a crowded city is not an easy task. Today there is an increasing anti-dog sentiment across our country – caused mostly by callous owners who allow their dogs to jump on strangers, dirty public places and or chase children. When a dog causes inconveniences to others, it becomes a nuisance, and increases anti-dog sentiment. Unless we want our dogs to become even less welcome in public than they are now, it falls on our shoulders to train them to be good citizens. What’s more, a well-mannered dog commands respect and is a joy to be around. He can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others.

Even as a kid, you can make a difference and ensure that your dog is seen as a good ambassador of its species. Try out the tips listed below to turn your Rowdy Rover into a Courteous Canine.

Mind Your Manners: When out in public with your dog, make sure he is not a nuisance to people around him. Do not allow him to run loose in a park, unless you are sure he will come back when called. Allowing him to steal another child’s toy, chase children or bark at strangers will ensure that your dog is not welcome in public places. Train your dog to listen to you, behave when outside and to play with his own toys.

Be Good To Thy Neighbour: In an ideal world, all your neighbours will love dogs as much as you do, but in the realistic world, that does not always happen. If your dog misbehaves with other neighbours or is seen as rude and loud, neither he, nor you will be welcome to stay. So make sure your dog is clean and well groomed at all times and does not harass other residents. Train him not to jump on people, urinate in the stairwell or bark at children playing in the compound. Teach him to sit quietly in an elevator and to wait his turn when getting in and out of entrances, without pushing other residents aside.

A barking dog can also be a nuisance to neighbours. Though it is natural for dogs to bark, do ensure that your dog is seen more than it is heard, thus giving your neighbours no reason to complain.

Keep Clean: It isn’t nice to smell or see dog poop lying around. Be a responsible dog owner and clean up after your pet if it dirties in public. Other people using the streets and parks will appreciate your efforts, and will not mind your dog sharing a park with children or strolling on a promenade.

Also keep you pooch clean and well groomed so he doesn’t smell in public where people in close quarters or enclosed situations (in a room or an elevator) don’t have to rushedly put their hands over their nose.

With a bit of commitment and dedication you can help your dog adjust to an urban life and be a responsible canine citizen!

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