From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Be WARned…

Dear Readers,

There’s not one among us who’s unaffected by the ongoing tensions escalating between India and Pakistan. We ensure to keep ourselves updated with events, even as these unfold, via social media and of course, television which shares greater detail, analysis and opinion. Our hearts bleed in sorrow for, and beat in solidarity with, our brave Indian Forces, as they should. Our Government is committed to doing right by them. But every time such incidents occur, before the Government or the Forces can respond, the TV news media jumps the gun – unwittingly converting our all-time-high patriotic fervour into a narrative calling for war.

Most news channels subject us to unjournalistic, opinionated rantings – their studios bursting, on Prime Time, with panels comprising ex-military veterans and loud TV anchors, who influence public opinion in their competitive jingoism. It’s ‘Trial by Media’ all over again, as they turn the nation’s grief into a hunger for war.

With elections coming up, India’s political debate gets increasingly polarised, and accordingly, TV news gets tainted – because of political allegiance or pressure. When this tainted output is shared on our ever-buzzing social media platforms and forwarded ad nauseum, the effect can be disastrous… setting the narrative for an entire nation thirsting WAR. So, be WARned of the potential influence TV news can command on us all during these volatile times.

On a lighter note, I’m happy to present PT’s Women’s Day Special issue – I thank our readers for your overwhelming participation in our ‘Women’s Day Special’ Contest. Hearty congratulations to our winners (Pg. 10). A woman truly is the cornerstone of a happy family and the architect of a civil society. Happy Women’s Day in advance to all!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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