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Dear Readers,

It’s been a confusing time for the everyday Indian citizen. We were just about coming to terms with the nearly-went-to-war-with-Pakistan situation over the Pulwama terrorist attack; then, our angst and fury found some relief when our valiant Air Force, with great bravado and precision, conducted surgical strikes destroying terror camps in Pak Occupied Kashmir; then, our moment of national redemption turned into confusion, with questions raised and proof demanded of any real destruction, reducing the stellar surgical strikes to a questionable cosmetic job…. All apparently triggered by ‘Oppoganda’ or ‘Opposition Propaganda’ – a term I was inspired(?) to coin based on what’s happening not just in our country, but even within our community. We question what we should support, and we support all that we should question. In either case – country or community – media plays a huge role in founding and perpetuating our confusion; and in our Community fake news is causing ‘dysfunction at every junction’! Let’s just hope our Community members are able to see through the Oppoganda taking place within!

And now for the good news – your wait for PT’s Bumper Special Jamshedi Navroz Issue finally gets over next Saturday, 16th March! As always, be prepared to get wowed by our fab issue which is woven around the much-needed theme – ‘Happiness and Positivity’, with contests galore and un-put-downable content that promises to keep you smiling and laughing all the way through to Jamshedi Navroz… and beyond! Ensure to get your Bumper issue next Saturday and book it in advance to avoid disappointment!

Have a fun week, all!

– Anahita

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