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Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak!

Dear Readers,

It gives me great joy to present you our Parsi Times Jamshedi Navroz Special Issue. I hope this bumper issue brings you as much delight, as it has given us a sense of satisfaction and joy in presenting you pages brimming with ‘Positivity and Happiness’ – the theme of our Special. Though underrated and declared a cleché by many, our Community, more than ever, could do with a generous helping of both – positivity and happiness, in these times.

Through some of the articles in here, we attempt to reacquaint our readers to simple truths that matter, and the importance about bringing back some of that lost glee and enthusiasm – traits that set us apart, as a people and as a community. Also, guffaw the weekend away with our laugh-riot, Cyrus Broacha’s unique interpretation of ‘HORROR’scopes and our evergreen ‘Meherbai’; attempt a Quiz which helps you figure if you’re really happy; take a walk down memory lane to compare the concept of happiness – then and now… regale yourself with numerous fun articles related to Youth, Religion, Philosophy, Sports, Pets, Health and Fitness, Bikes, our Jamshedi Navroz Contests, and last, but in no way the least – our amazing Contest Winners!!! This is where I must pause to thank and applaud all of our talented participants for your overwhelming entries – it’s always inspiring and enthralling to experience the sheer quality of talent and comprehensive participation in PT’s contests.

I thank all our readers for your constant support and feedback which has rendered PT as the community’s most favored, ‘Publication Numero Uno’! I also thank our writers and columnists for their stimulating contributions and gratitude to all our advertisers and well-wishers for helping bring out a fab Jamshedi Navroze Special!

As the 21st of March marks, along with our Jamshedi Navroze, also the Festival of Colours – Holi, I wish all of you a Happy Holi – may the canvas of our lives be resplendent with the colors of hope and joy! On behalf of Team PT, Jamshedi Navroze Mubarak to all! May we all grow together as a community in Unity, in Prosperity, in Happiness and in Positivity!

– Anahita

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