Get Yourself The Girl Dog!

There’s no reason why we can’t extend the Woman’s Day Special celebrations to (Wo)Man’s Best Friends – our all-time favourite mutts! Here’s a specially compiled insight into why the Girl Dog makes for a great pet!

The greatest factor when it comes to taking in a pooch is to see if their personality fits with yours. Take in a dog whose energy level and demeanor fit with your lifestyle. The most important influence on personality and compatibility with humans is not a dog’s gender, but how a dog is trained and what he/she is exposed to.

The gender of canines is usually a secondary factor but still makes for an interesting area to explore. With no offence meant to our male pooches, here are a few reasons that the Girl-Dog could prove to be a good choice to adopt:

  • Generally speaking, girl-dogs are smaller than their male counterparts and easier to handle.
  • Girl-dogs reach maturity faster than males, and are thus easier to train.
  • Unlike males, girl-dogs are more likely to listen to all members of the household, not just the person they consider to be the head of the house.
  • Canine experts believe girl-dogs are more affectionate and more emotionally in tune with humans than males.
  • Girl-dogs are more docile and less aggressive  towards strangers or with other dogs. This is a major consideration for those with children as girl-dogs are more likely to accept the tail pulling and ear-poking than males. In fact, they may even help to gently teach your children what is acceptable and what is not.
  • Girl-dogs are easier to housetrain and can hold their bladders for longer. What’s more, they do not ‘mark’ their territory all over and will empty their bladders entirely in one stop.
  • Belly rubs and tummy kisses can get awkward with male dogs because of that crusty, pee-stained sheath in the middle of their belly. With girl-dogs, there’s plenty of room for belly rubs and kisses!




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