Letters to the Editor

Excellent Navroze Special Issue By PT!

Our wait for PT’s yet another Special issue was totally worth it when we received the splendid comprehensive issue on 16th March. Your excellent theme of positivity and happiness was well supported by superb articles which had us thinking, laughing and thoroughly entertained through the week! It was a very vibrant issue and genuinely succeeded in spreading positivity and smiles. PT’s array of super writers and their writings just keeps getting better!

Articles by Noshir Dadrawala, Dara Khodaiji, Ruby, Dr. Vispi Jokhi, Kaizzad Capadia, Binaisha Surti, Avan Navdar explored the essense of happiness across various aspects of life and philosophies and provided insightful reading. Our most-awaited bawa riot, Cyrus Broacha’s articles also had us in splits! What I admired most is the balance in articles – sharing perspectives which are current and yet traditional, thoughtful and funny, and the interactive content was also fab with your contests and quizzes.

I would like to especially commend the Editor for the great value addition she has brought to the paper over the past few years and for turning it around into becoming the community’s go-to publication for wide-ranging and unbiased news, as well as great columnists who provide very informative and helpful literature. There’s always something for everyone in the family – be it elderly people or young adults or kids.

Kudos to Team PT for a great job and a great publication – keep up the good job! Here’s looking forward to your other super specials!

Jehangir, Benaifer, Arashasp and Rati Dastoor 

Update From The Federation of BPP And Wadia Baugs

Recently there were whatsApp messages doing the rounds as regards Farhad Mody V/s Baji Palsetia, and others from Navroz Baug, regarding encroachments of the common balcony passage. I am given to understand that the BPP had issued a notice on the encroachments. One Mr. Jamshed Salamat Irani, as usual, character assassinated Baji Palsetia, without any reason.

Members of Mody family approached our team member (Arzan Ghadialy) to intervene. The federation members met both the parties on 26th February, 2019, in the evening, at Navroz Baug.  After ascertaining the facts, we called both parties at their neighbour’s (Dali Mohta) house and both parties sorted out their grievances with heated arguments. The matter was settled peacefully with Farhad Modi agreeing to remove the stuff to which the neighbour objected. Farhad also went on record to say that Baji Palsatia is the most decent person he has known and that Jamshed Salamat Irani miscommunicated by character assassination of Baji Palsetia.

As a federation member, I thank Arzan Ghadially, Filly Bhatena, Rumi Marawalla, Dali Mohta, Behram Palsetia and others for their support. Our aim is to try and work peacefully, and to unite the community. We are here not to fight, but to build bridges between aggrieved parties, and promote amicability.

Peace and Tandarosti to all!


By Nozer N. Sutaria 

A Divided House                           


We as a community are bogged down in a quagmire of controversies and are sinking fast to our own destruction. The new rag, P-‘Junk’tion is adding fuel to the fires and that seems to be its only raison d’être. Chaos, conflicts and corruption were words that were total anathema to our community.  Today they aren’t alien to us anymore.

We are a divided community. A house divided against itself, cannot stand. Let us heed the words of wisdom of the great Abraham Lincoln. He went on to say I do not expect the house to fall, but I do expect it will cease to be divided. Everywhere, all around we see certain members of our community, the so-called do-gooders hacking and hewing the community right royally; vertically, horizontally and in any which way they want. And now this new-fangled rag is yet another irritant.. What a waste of community’s man power. What a waste of time and energy and very nothing, not even miniscule to show for it.  Our leaders are being inveigled into imbroglios reducing our institutions to Alice in Blunderland with “Off with their heads” syndrome. The leadership quotient is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The two voices of sanity, Kersi Randeria and and Noshir Dadrawalla, can work wonders if only they have not to fight tooth and nail with the disruptive forces. The new term which began in 2015 did splendid work to put the BPP and the community on to the right track but alas certain rat-tag bands will not let it be. Good of the community is put on the back burners. The current trend is, anything for the few minutes of fame. The Parsi General Hospital is yet another imbroglio. Quo vadis community!

Sorry! I am not a pessimist but the situation looks bleak all around for the poor bystanders that is the community. Many like me have often appealed for even a modicum of unity in the community. We have a lot to gain if we unite with a goal to not only survive but also but to prosper and flourish. To do so is in our Zoroastrian genes but efforts have to be made and egos restrained.

It saddens me to write this dark piece just a couple of days after Jamshedi Navroz but I sincerely hope I will be proved wrong. Here’s wishing all my beloved community a very Happy Jamshedi Navroz and happier times ahead

Dara M Khodaiji

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