Meherbai’s Mandli Discusses Happiness And Positivity

The Mandli met at Meherbai’s house for a pre-Navroze celebration and the topic of the day was ‘Happiness and Positivity’. Meherbai asked everyone what made them happy and here’s how it went:

Cowasji Casanova: If only I could get married and settle down, I’d be happy.

Much-Married Minocher Moochchwala: If only I could divorce my ‘bitter-half’, it would be bliss.

Cowasji: And oh! If only I was younger!

Tehmul Teenager: If I was older, it would be cool – girls would be interested in me and stop treating me like a kid-brother!

Freny Fatakri: I’ll be happy when I am size zero like Kareena Kapoor.

Sukki-Boomli Shernaz: And me when I put on a little weight before the Navroze-nu-Jashan!

Banoo Batak: If only my children stayed with me and had not settled abroad!

Jeroo Geography: I’ll be delighted if my children go and settle in Timbaktoo since they are alsoo and kaam-chor. All the housework and cooking is left to me!

Banoo Batak: I would be playing with my grandchildren all day!

Jeroo: Forget it! You would have been a full time cook, ayah and baby-sitter like me. My brats stress me out and I’ve NO life of my own!

Aloo and Jaloo ( the obnoxious neighbours): Wish we were working in an office and doing a nice job like everyone else!

Silloo Secretary: Wish I could quit my job and relax at home like an ordinary housewife!

Dolly & Dolla: Wish we had a baby.

Cyrus the Virus: Wish I had a baby-sitter! My three boys are driving me nuts!

Gooli gol-gol: I wish my hubby wasn’t so quiet all day! I call him Manmohan Singh because he never opens his mouth at home – Moogho-Mantar! How do I live like this? I am so lonely in this marriage!

Dummy Dilnaz: Lucky you! My hubby Aspi is a yakaholic and keeps yapping all day until I get a headache and have to take an Aspro. I call him Aspi-Aspro! Mathoo fari aavey!

Romantic Rutty: My idea of happiness is travelling all over the world with my Janoo!

Gooli gol-gol: Your husband?

Rutty: Nah! My dog!

Baji Bun-Pao: Happiness is a chilled beer followed by motta-bota-nu-Dhansak on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Behram Brun-Pao: I hate Dhansak. I like only continental food accompanied by Western Classical Music in the background.

Rutty: Tamey soo, Behramji-Beethoven chev?

Baji Bun-Pao: Beethovan was deaf! Behram na toh kasari na kaan chey. How can he be Beethovan?

At this stage, Meherbai intervened, “Guys! Guys! You are all contradicting each other. You see, as far as happiness is concerned, one man’s meat is another man’s poison and the grass always looks greener on the other side. Real happiness is not based on ‘if only’! It doesn’t lie in having what you want, but wanting what you have. I call it Santosh-Dhun (being satisfied). Now let’s talk positivity!”

Abhan Aban: Sammy is not a positive person.

Everyone: Why? Why?

Aban: He wears braces because he’s not sure if his trousers will hold or slip down. If he was positive and an optimist, he wouldn’t wear braces!

Cyrus the Virus: All my boys are confident and positive. They all have a black belt in Karate and can show four ‘katas’ in a row !

Dolly: Mareray! The only black belt that my Dolla has is the one that holds his pants up, and Cyrus BawaI can show you two dozen Kata Chamcha in a jiffy from my kitchen!

Dolla: Everyone, Be Positive, Be Positive!

Abhan Aban: Dollaji, why do you keep on saying, Be Positive, Be Positive all the time? Tamaro blood group chey soo? Aprey toh RH Negative blood group, but still positive in life!

Kunjoos Kaikobad: I’ll be positive and happy when I win a lottery and have tons of money!

Meherbai: Money by itself can’t make you happy. It can only purchase a bigger house, foreign holidays, luxuries, car, TV and buy you a week-end home but all these are transitory. You soon get tired of these ‘toys’ and want newer ‘toys’. On the other hand, happiness is in your thoughts and feelings. It is a state of mind. Measure happiness in terms of moment to moment, right now, right here and don’t expect it tomorrow or day after. Seek happiness in a blade of grass, flowers, the Sun, your first cup of tea in the morning, the fact that you got out of bed without the help of a nurse, a smile from a stranger, a good newspaper article, a good book, a Frappuccino at a coffee-shop, a new lipstick, a new pair of shoes… anything and everything to become most joyful. This way, we can ALWAYS remain happy, positive and spread joy wherever we go!

Ketayun Khadhri: Havey falooda serve karo so that everyone goes home Happy and Positive!

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