Nature Forgives, And So Should We

Life forgives you. It really does. When you cut your finger by mistake, the sub-conscious intelligence within you immediately sets about to heal it as new cells build bridges over the cut; if you eat wrong food, the body eliminates it to preserve you; if you burn your hand, the life-principle gives you new skin, tissue and cells. Life holds no grudges against you – it is always forgiving. Life keeps bringing you back to health, vitality, harmony and peace But Only if you co-operate by thinking in harmony with Nature’s divine law of forgiveness. Negativity, hurtful memories, bitterness and ill-will will clutter up and prevent the free-flow of the Life-Principle within you.

Forgiving others is essential to mental peace and radiant health. You must forgive everyone who has ever hurt you if you want perfect health and happiness. First, forgive yourself for thinking negative thoughts about others and set your thoughts in harmony with divine law and order. You cannot forgive yourself completely unless you have forgiven others first.

In the psychosomatic field of medicine today, it is being constantly stressed that jealousy, resentment of others, guilt and hostility are the reasons behind a host of maladies ranging from arthritis to cardiac-disease. Psychologists point out that these sick people, who were hurt, mistreated, deceived or injured, were full of resentment and hatred for those who hurt them. This caused inflamed and festering wounds in their sub-conscious minds. There is only one remedy. They have to cut off and discard their hurts and the one and only sure way is by Forgiveness. You are doing it more for you than for them.

The essential ingredient in the art of forgiveness is the sincere willingness to forgive. To forgive doesn’t mean that you suddenly like that person or want to associate with them. However, you Can wish them health, peace, joy, happiness and all blessings of life. There is only one prerequisite and that is sincerity. Mind you, you are not being magnanimous when you forgive, you are actually being constructively selfish, because what you wish for others, you are actually wishing for yourself according to the law of cause and effect (the karma of thinking). What you think comes back to you and today’s thought is tomorrow’ s reality.

In Thailand’s Chiang Mai monastery, devotees are taught a ‘Forgiveness-Meditation’, which goes like this: First, quiet your mind of all thoughts, relax and let go. To do this, devotees are taught breathing-techniques through guided-meditative commands. Next think of God and affirm: “I fully and freely forgive (mention the name of the offender). I release him/her mentally and spiritually. I completely forgive every thought, word and deed connected with him/her. I am free and he/she is free. I release anybody and everybody who has ever hurt me and I wish for each and everyone health, happiness, peace, joy and all the blessings in the world. I do this freely, joyfully and lovingly. Whenever I think of the person or persons who hurt me, I’ll say I have released you, and all the blessings of life are yours. I am free and you are free.

It’s a wonderful feeling! When you forgive another, you free yourself of pain. Suppose you had a painful abscess on your jaw last year and you told me about it. I would casually ask you if you had any pain now and you would automatically say, “Of course not. I have a memory of it but no pain.” That is the whole story. You may have a memory of the past hurts but no pain any longer. Whenever you see anyone who has ever hurt you in any way, mentally say, “Peace be with you and all the happiness in the world.”

Do this as often as that person comes to your mind and the thought or experience with that person will return less and less and fade into nothingness. In marriage-counselling, I teach couples to do this so that a bad marriage becomes good and a good marriage becomes a great-marriage. Forgiveness is a very powerful, psychological and spiritual device. Try it and your life will take an about turn towards love, peace and joy!

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