Navroze Celebrated At Sir J J’s Parsi Ward

On 21st March, 2019, the forty-five residents of the Parsi Ward of Sir J.J Hospital celebrated Jamshedi Navroze with great pomp and auspicious fervor, thanks to the undying efforts and support of Arnavaz Mistry, who has ensured to keep this noble service going for thirty-two years now. This year too, Navroze celebrations, attended by nearly 100 well-wishers of the Ward, kicked off with a Jashan, with prayers for those who had passed over in the year, and a Tandorasti for all current residents. It concluded with a Humbandagi recited enthusiastically by all present, including BPP Chairman, Yazdi Desai with wife Anahita; the Dean – Dr. Ajay Chandanwalle; Ex-Dean – Dr. Gustard Davar with wife, gynecologist – Rekha Davar; RMO – Dr. More; ZTFI Trustee – Yasmin Mistry;  Ex-BPP Trustee – Khojeste Mistry; and numerous other dignitaries.


Arnavaz Mistry was highly commended by all for her dedicated, long-term association with the care-taking of the Parsi Ward and the warm treatment of its residents. She is credited for having transformed the Ward from a once dilapidated state into a comfortable and clean haven. Known popularly as the ‘Soul of the Ward’, while addressing the occasion, Arnavaz recalled the significant day in her life, decades ago, when she entered first visited the ward with her mentor – Sillamai Kavarana – and formed an instant bond which has only grown stronger over the years. She sincerely acknowledged the help and support received from the Sir JJ Group of Hospitals, various Trusts, donors and well-wishers, without who it would be challenging to continue providing the services.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Arnavaz Mistry said, “To make your life meaningful, devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community and to those around you, and devote yourself to creating something that fills you with a sense purpose and meaning.” According to Hutoxi Dadabhoy, who has helping out at the Ward for years, “Arnavaz Mistry is like a daughter, a sister and a mother, all combined in one, for the patients of the ward.” Roshan Davar from Canada, who makes it a point to visit the JJ Hospital Parsi Ward every time she visits Mumbai, praised Arnavaz Mistry for her ability and drive to carry on the amazing task, with a smile on her face. All guests were treated to falooda and refreshments.

Senior citizens are welcome at the Parsi Ward, which takes in and provides free services for lesser privileged community members, irrespective of their physical condition (bed-ridden or handicapped). Those in need of the Ward or other requirements, can contact Arnavaz Mistry personally at the Ward, or on M: 9137713817

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