Positivity – The Beauty Within

Mumbai’s gorgeous Delnaz Balsara Sharma represented Asia as ‘MRS. ASIA UNIVERSE’, at the prestigious MRS. UNIVERSE 2018 Pageant, where she did our community, our country and our continent proud, being awarded the sub-title of ‘MRS. UNIVERSE BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE’, in December last year. Delnaz credits her successful journey to her belief and practice of positivity, and shares some of her pointers with our readers…

Positivity should come easy to us Zarthostis – considering we are blessed with a glorious religion based on the prodigious tenets of ‘Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds!’ As a mum, wife, daughter and a career-woman, I understand that in the travails and stresses of modern life, it becomes difficult to constantly follow through on these three simple, yet profound, divine principles. And yet, it is increasingly because of these stresses, that we need to put in that much additional effort to stay mindful about practicing these ‘Goodnesses’, because that is where the magic to a happy and positive life lies. And those who champion this endeavor, live a life filled with contentment, love, prosperity and success.

The truth is simple – when we think positive, good things happen. It is said, when you keep your face to the sunshine, you cannot see a shadow; when you give in to negativity, it eclipses happiness. And an unhappy state of mind leaves you weak-willed, depressive and vulnerable. It’s easy to get caught in the everyday pettiness that life invariably springs on you. I started succeeding when I consciously decided to ignore and leave behind small skirmishes to the small fighters. I stopped fighting negative people and negative circumstances – I chose to either infuse positivity in such situations or simply move on, and focus my precious time and attention on converting my dreams into reality, and my vision and ideas into my destiny. And success has been a sweet friend since.

Happiness and Positivity go hand in hand – one nurtures the other by default – you just need to get the ball to start rolling. Here are a few practices to keep you shining with positivity and glowing with happiness:

Love Yourself: Be kind to yourself, don’t skimp on the self-care. Do what it takes to feel good – take a shower, wash your hair, maybe a little perfume? Facetime your friends, cuddle your kids and pets.

Help Others: Nothing gives a greater sense of satisfaction than selfless service – to help another without personal gain. It puts your falsely magnified struggles in perspective

Meditate: It’s a stress-buster and improves sleep. Be mindful and allow yourself a break from responsibilities.

Express Gratitude: Happiness within increases by focusing on things you are grateful for. Practice writing down three things you are grateful for at the end of each day and see the change in a month!

Get Active: Aerobic exercise or cardio is an effective type way to get your adrenalin (the feel-good hormone) pumping, to boost your mood and your physical wellness. Head out for a walk or jog!

Sleep Well: Lack of sleep has a negative effect on your mood.

Eat Healthy: Include more natural elements in your food –it’s not just your body but also your mind that takes a hit with junk/fast food.

Be With Positive People: Embrace those who reach out to you – a shoulder to lean on is good. Share thoughts, feelings and desires.

Injuries, illness and hurt are unavoidable elements of life, but we can choose how we respond to them, and that makes all the difference!

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